Fort Conservation ideas

I am listing here various options we can implement in the base village to help the villagers

Either a private player or the goverment would need to invest in a Plastic Reprocessing Plant.

Revenue sharing by the local and the plant with proceeds to the betterment of schools and to buy medicines for the needy in the villages.

Recent tests conducted in Israel have shown film plastics recovered by ArrowBio’s unique water based separation system can be converted into useful plastic products such as buckets and plastic tubing.

How to make sweet wrapper jewellery

start green houses so the locals can grow and sell their own vegetables(peppers, aubergines, tomatoes and cucumbers) giving them another source of revenue. Growing flowers,herbs etc. (can someone who knows how to do this contact me – leave a message in the comments or mumbaimeetups @

A guide to growing your own vegetable garden

Build a Geodesic Dome Solar Greenhouse to Grow Your Own Food

Another option is honey, It is cost effective and easy with the right know how (bee experts pleace contact me mumbaimeetups @

From Hives to Honey, Bees Help the World Go ‘Round

Beekeeping for Beginners: Get Prepared Mentally
Honey Bee Friendly Garden Plants

* Rosemary
* Sage
* Mint
* Chives
* Oregano
* Marjoram
* Lavender
* Bee Balm
* Zinnia
* Sunflower
* Fennel
* Lamb’s Ears

Honey Bee Friendly Native and Wild Plants

* Black-eyed Susan
* Tulip poplar
* Clover
* Rhododendron

Installing a Bee Hive: A Nervous Beginners’ Experiences

Keeping animals
* Dairy Goats
* Cows
* Honeybees
* Chickens
* Rabbits
* Milk and Other Edibles
(experts in rearing of the above animals please contact me if you want to help at mumbaimeetups @

How to Grow Grapes for Wine

How to Start a Home Bakery of Your Own

Beekeeping for Dummies
By Howland Blackiston, Kim Flottum

25 Vegetables Anyone Can Grow
By Ann Roe Robbins

From farmers to fishers: developing reservoir

Pond construction for freshwater fish culture: building earthen ponds
By A. G. Coche, James F. Muir, Thomas L. Laughlin

Simple economics and bookkeeping for fish farmers
By Colin Williams

Fish culture in the western ghats

Bread Machine
By Ellen A. Harich

Reservoir fisheries of India
By V. V. Sugunan, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

Simple methods for aquaculture: management for freshwater fish culture ponds …
By A. G. Coche, James F. Muir, Thomas L.

Topography for freshwater fish culture topographical surveys
By A. G. Coche

Hydroponics for the Home

Decentralization and biodiversity conservation,

Monitoring systems for agricultural and rural development projects, Volume 2

Poverty alleviation through agricultural projects

Hydroponic Home-based Vegetable Production System Manual

Guidelines for designing development projects to benefit the rural poor
By Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations


nic Home-based Vegetable Production System Manual

Growing Vegetables in the Home Garden

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