Volunteers required to help write exams for Blind Students in Bangalore

Hi Friends,

This is my personal request.

I have a group of friends (6 people) who are blind and they are studying BSc. They want help from people who have eyes and heart to write their exams. Volunteers are very much required. Volunteers want to just read the questions and write the answers dictated by the student. Their exams are scheduled on 14th, 17th, 19th, 31st of May and 2nd, 7th of June. Exam timings is 9.30AM to 12.30PM and

venu : BNM College near Basavannagudi.

Surana College near Southend Circle.

Please let me know by this evening if any your friends / cousins / brothers who are free on these dates and have a heart of helping others.

My contact number is 9886469252.

Anil Kumar S.P.

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5 thoughts on “Volunteers required to help write exams for Blind Students in Bangalore

  1. how do i get to know about such exams and their dates going on in my area (tirunelveli, Tamilnadu). Will be happy to help.

  2. i like to help them… but i doesn't know the place. So can i get information near my area? im in tiruvellore near chennai

  3. I wanted to spend my time and lend my care to people who feel it but cant able to see.i wish to en light their career by giving my physical support in helping them to write any exam for them.plz contact me if any help needed i may do it ,in chennai any such exams been conducted inform me

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