Lohgad by Sanket Sangwikar


Difficulty Level
(very easy, easy, medium, slightly tough, tough)
Duration of the trek 1-day
When to visit Anytime except Summer. But this fort is famous forMonsoon trek with many waterfalls on its way.
Nearest City / Location Lonavla
Base Village MaLavli


Time to climb 2 hours for Lohgad, 1 and ½ hours for vispur, 15 minutes to reach Bhaje Leni from base
Food Bhaji, Pohe, Tea etc. Available at LohgadWadi.
Drinkable Water Available at LohgadWadi.
Shelter Available at LohgadWadi or Hotels in Lonavla.


  1. The way to MaLavli and Lohgad fort has many waterfalls worth a dip.
  2. Five layers of fortification and three huge door entrances of Lohgad. The innermost fortification is 800 years old built by Chalukya Emperors. The outermost is 350 years old renovated by Shivaji Maharaj.
  3. Vinchoo-kaata – This one is the peak attraction of Lohgad. A small narrow arm of the fort used mainly as observation post. Be careful while getting on to it. The wind blows too fast here. And it is bit slippery in monsoon. But being here is an experience.
  4. Bhaje Leni as explained earlier
  5. Visapur fort has a tricky and enjoyable climb. This is largere than Lohgad and primarily built to protect Lohgad. Its wall and fortification is still intact

Indrayani Express from Mumbai to Lonavla
Time of the train at Dadar: 5.50am (Platform no. 4 at Dadar Central Railway Station)
Time of the train at Kalyan: 6.35am (Platform no. 4 at Kalyan Railway Station)

Train timings of Indrayani and Intercity express (MORNING)

Train INDRAYANI EXP, 1021 –

CSTM MUMBAI CST Starting Station 05:40,
DR DADAR 05:51, 05:53,
TNA THANE 06:14, 06:16,
KYN KALYAN JN 06:35, 06:37,
KJT KARJAT 07:15, 07:17,
LNL LONAVALA 08:03, 08:05,
SVJR SIVAJINAGAR 08:50, 08:52,
PUNE PUNE JN 09:15, Destination Station


CSTM MUMBAI CST Starting Station 06:50,
DR DADAR 07:00, 07:02,
TNA THANE 07:19, 07:21,
LNL LONAVALA 08:50, 08:52,
PUNE PUNE JN 09:45, Destination Station

Additional inputs from Mini Menon –
We took the Indrayani Express from Dadar at about 5:45 A.M. You could take the Mumbai-Pune Intercity too, although I don’t think there is one that early.
These are mostly the only two trains that halt at Lonavla (our immediate destination). Unless you are ‘absolutely’ okay with standing in a PACKED, PACKED general compartment with the windows sealed tight (coz of the rains) please consider getting reservations.

We had breakfast at Lonavla, although you could have it anywhere. Lonavla would be the most efficient way of doing it because you have to catch a local train that plies between Lonavla and Pune, to get off at Malavli (the base village). So it makes sense to do some pet puja while you pray for the train to be on time. (Oh, and btw, direct tickets to Lonavla are available only at Borivali, Andheri, Bandra, Dadar and mostly Virar, subject to the sole discretion and mood of the guy sitting at the counter at 5:00 AM on a Sunday morning. Tickets to Malavali are available from Lonavla) This whole journey takes about 4 hours, with half an hour for breakfast.

The standard process is to purchase tickets to Dadar, which turns out to be pointless because we end up in the general compartment of some Ahmedabad-Bangalor express which seems to run on the Harbour line. (Dadar is on central/western line)
You can read the whole trek report here

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