Maharashtra Fort Trekking Information by deepabhi

Forts at a glance
FortsBase VillageMode of Transport to the base villageBest season to visitDuration of Trek
AhivantgadDaregaonBy trainNov to feb2 days
BhimashankarKhandasBy local train to Karjat
then by ST bus to Khandas
Monsoon and Winter2 Days
BhivgadVadapBy local train to Karjat
then by ST Vadap
Anytime1 day
BitangadMaidaraReach Igatpuri by train or vehicle. From Igatpuri reach village Taked and then village MaidaraNov to March1 day
ChavandChavandKalyan to Junnar (road, ~ 125 km) – Chavand (17 km)October to March2 Days
Dhak BahiriSandshiBy local train upto Karjat then by ST bus to SandshiWinter1 or 2 Days
DhodapHattiBy train / road reach Nashik and then to Hatti by vehicleAnytime2 days
GorakhgadDehariKalyan to Murbad by bus, Murbad to Dehari by busAny time1 Day
HadsarHadsarKalyan to Junnar (road, ~ 125 km) – Hadsar (road, 16 km)Any time except summer2 Days
HarishchandragadKhireshwarKalyan to Khubi Phata by bus and then Khubi Phata to Khireshwar (4 km) walkAny Time2 Days
JivdhanGhatgharKalyan to Junnar to Ghatghar OR Kalyan – Vaishakhare – Naneghat – GhatgharOct to Feb2 days
KalsubaiBariBy train till Igatpuri and then by a bus to BariWinter1 Day
KarnalaBy ST reach Panvel and then Karnala base by STAnytime1 day
KorigadPeth-Shahpur/AmbivaliReach Lonavala by train or S.T. Then by a local vehicle (Jeep/tempo) reach the village Shahpur (~25 km).Any Time1 Day
KothligadAmbivaliGet down at Karjat by train. From Karjat catch a bus (1 st bus at ~ 8.15 am) for Ambivali (~ 25 km). From Ambivali a trek of about a 1 ½ hrs will take you to village Peth, from which a ½ hr trek will take you to the topOctober to May1 Day
KulanggadKulangwadiReach Igatpuri by train or vehicle. From Igatpuri reach village “Bhavli” by bus or vehicle (1st bus from Igatpuri is at ~ 8.30 am). Walk for about 2 hours till Kurung wadi.November to February2 Days
LohgadMalawaliReach Lonawala by train/vehicle and then Malawali (the next station towards Pune). From Malawali, 2-3 km walk will take you to the base of the fort.Any Time2 Days
MahipatgadDahivaliBy train/ road to Khed and to Dahivali by STNov to Feb2 days
MahuliAsangaonBy train get down at Asangaon. From Asangaon base (temple) is at a distance of about 4 kmOctober to February1 Day
MakarandgadHatlotBy road to Mahad – Poladpur – HatlotNov to Feb2 days
ManikgadVadgaonReach Karjat by Local train.From Karjat take a direct bus to Vadgaon(frequency is less), or take a bus to Chowk and then take a six seater to VadgaonAny Time1 Day
MatheranNeralKalyan to Neral by train, Neral to Matheran by vehicle/train/walkAny Time1 Day
MulherMulherKalyan to Nashik (road/rail, ~ 130 km) – Satana (road, 73 km) – Taharabad (road, 23 km) – Mulher (road, 10 km)Any Time2 Days
NaneghatVaishakhareKalyan to Murbad by bus, Murbad to Tokavade by bus, Tokavade to Vaishakhare by bus (one can also get the bus from Murbad to Vaishakhare).Any Time1 Day
PratapgadBy road to Mahad – Poladpur – PratapgadAnytime2 days
PurandarNarayanpurBy raod / train to Pune, then to Narayanpur by roadNov to Feb2 days
RaigadPachadReach Mahad, a taluka place in Raigad district, by road. From Mahad, catch either bus or rickshaw to reach base village Pachad(24 K.m.)Any Time2 Days
RajgadVajeghar / PaliKalyan to Pune road/rail, Pune to Vajeghar/Pali by bus.Any Time2 Days
RajmachiKondivdeKalyan to Karjat by road/rail, Karjat to Khandpe by bus (~ 15 km) , Khandpe to Kondivade walk (~ 15 mins) OR Karjat to Kondavane (by rickshaw)Any Time1 Day
RasalgadNimaniBy train/ road to Khed and to Nimani by STAnytime2 days
RatangadRatanwadiBy train/vehicle reach Igatpuri. Village Shendi/Bhandardara is about 35 km from Igatpuri (1st bus at about 5.15 am). From Shendi, walk to village Mutkhel, cross the lake by launch (enquire the local people for the timings), land on the other side of the lake and reach village Ratanwadi. If you have your own vehicle, you can go on other side by the road and reach Ratanwadi directlyOctober to February2 Days
RohidaBazarwadiBy raod / train to Pune, then to Bhor – Bazarwadi by roadJune to Feb2 days
SalherNashikKalyan to Nashik (road/rail, ~ 130 km)- Satana (road, 73 km) – Taharabad (road, 23 km) – Vaghamba (road, 20 km)Any time except summer2 Days
Shri Malang GadKalyanBy Train reach Kalyan. Buses are available from Kalyan to the base of the fort on a regular basisOctober to February1 Day
SidhhagadNarivaliKalyan to Murbad by bus, Murbad to Narivali by busOctober to February1 Day
SinhagadKalyan to Pune by train / road and then to Sinhagad by roadAnytime1 day
SudhagadPachhapur-Thakurwadi / Dhondase1) Kalyan – Pali – Pachhapur / Dhondase or 2) Kalyan – Nagothane – Pali- Pachhapur / Dhondase or 3) Kalyan – Khopoli – Pali – Pachhapur / DhondaseAny Time2 Days
SumargadKalyan to Khed by train / road and then reach either to Mahipatgad Or Rasalgad and then trek to SumargadNov to feb2 days
VajragadNarayanpurBy raod / train to Pune, then to Narayanpur by roadNov to Feb2 days
VasotaMet IndavaliReach Satara by train/ Bus. From Satara reach Bamnoli (35 Km.) by Bus. From Bamnoli go by launch to Met Indavali (1 ½ hr). Per launch about 400 Rs/- (1 way) irrespective of no. of membersAny Time3 Days
   All references regarding duration of trek and transport are given with respect to Kalyan, which is about 50 km north-east of Mumbai.
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