Giridarshan Pilot trek to forts Markandya, Ravala, Javala, Kanhera on 10, 11 Nov 2012

Dear Giridarshan Family,

Pilot trek to forts Markandya, Ravala, Javala, Kanhera on 10, 11 Nov 2012

This is a pilot trek. Means, this trek is new to all the members – including the leaders.
From our previous experiences, we are more confident about the success of such treks ( But, no assurance).
But, doing such treks is a more fun and joyful experience for trekkers.
FYI: One of our member participating in this trek has done Markandya and Javalya Forts.
Trek Plan:

Dep. from Giridarshan Trekking Club Office on 09 Nov at 11.00 in the night by Private Vehicle Arranged.

Day 1 – 10 November, Saturday – forts Markandya, Ravala, Javala
We will reach Markandeya fort’s base by 5.00am.
After having some rest we will start the trek & climb the Markandya fort. Breakfast. Get down from Markandya and visit the forts Ravalya and Javalya. ( Meanwhile by afternoon, we will have a lunch ) Reach the base by evening.
Have a dinner & stay near Kanherwadi village.

Day 2 – 11 November, Sunday – fort Kanhera
Get up early in the morning. Tea- breakfast.
We will climb the fort Kanhera, visit the fort & reach the base by afternoon.
We will start return journey, have our lunch on the way & reach Pune by 9.30 pm

Every body should carry : Lunch for saturday – 10 Nov., water bottles, dish, glass, spoon, torch, spare dress, worn cloths & bedding.
( Wear trekking shoes and have a ruck sack).

Other Details :
Charges – INR 1400.00 per person. (at max).
Charges Includes – Transportation from Pune to Pune and food costs ( excluding the Saturday’s lunch).

Booking :
Prior Confirmation with payment is required by Wednesday, 07 Nov, till 7.00 pm, since we are arranging private vehicle for this.

For any Clarification/ Inquiry contact :
Nirant Sardar – 09890002894
Keep Trekking,

Giridarshan Trekking Club, Pune

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