Giripremi Invitation for Book publication and Film Launch Ceremony Saturday, 4th Oct 2014


Greetings from entire team of Giripremi !!
Past three years have been literally the Golden years for Giripremi to be on the top of three highest mountains in the world and it was your support which took us at new heights. We are all obliged with the kind of attachment you are having with Giripremi.
It would be our pleasure to share the journey to the summits of Everest and Lhoste through a book ‘Everest – Gosht Eka Dhyasachi’ and an audiovisual short film – ‘Tharaar Everest Lhotse cha’ to all adventure lovers in Pune and Maharashtra. 
We have organised a function to unveil this book and film on Saturday, 4th Oct 2014.
Following is the formal invite for the ceremony.. Looking forward to meet you there…

Umesh Zirpe – Leader Makalu 2014
Cell. +91-9890620490

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