River Bank Camping @ Krishna River Camp @ Wai, enroute Panchgani 23 & 24 May ( Every Weekend)

Weekend Camping on 23rd and 24th May at Wai, river banks, enroute Panchgani

4.30-5            Check in at Campsite, allocation of tents
5-6               Dip in the river and Bamboo raft building / ride
6-6.30pm          Evening Tea & Snacks
6.30-7.30         Hands on archery, Air riffle
7.30-8.30         Barbecue – marinated chicken 200gms per person & Potatoes and Paneer for veg
8.30-9.30         Leisure time for soft music etc
9.30-10.30        Dinner – Chiken Suke and Chiken Rassa with Bhakri/Chapati and Rice – Buffet at common place and Paneer mutter , potato sabji and dal for veg
10.30-11          Campfire/ Star Gazing ( selected planets without professional help)
11-11.30          Lights off


8.30-9.00         Break Fast – Upma/ Pohe Tea
9.30-10.30am      Strawberry farm visit ( pluck and munch strawberries- but only if we have to buy them) 
Rs.1000 per person – inclusive of all taxes, meals including barbecue, over nite stay, adventure activities.
Contact : Milan Wadkar @ 9819833345 for booking

Campers have to travel on their own to the Campsite with their own vehicle. Campsite is a permanent campsite approximately 250kms from Mumbai or 4.5hrs and 90kms from Pune or 2hrs.

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