River Bank Camping June 20th and 21st @ Krishna River Camp – Wai @ Rs.1250 per person

River Bank Camping June 20th and 21st @ Krishna River Camp – Wai.

Venue : Krishna River Camp – website krishnarivercamp.com also check us out on 

FB  https://www.facebook.com/groups/1097523333608195/ 

Rs.1250 per person – inclusive of all taxes, over nite stay, dinner & Break Fast.

Post Lunch Check in – Allocation of the tents/ Stay in Private village house in case of harsh weather.

2-4pm – Swim in the river with life jackets, bamboo raft building and riding

4-6.30pm – Take a local Wai tour, visit the nearby water falls

6.30-7.30pm- Evening Tea snacks
7.30-8.30 Soft music

9pm Dinner – Chicken Suke and Chiken Rassa with Bhakri/Chapati and Rice – Buffet at common place and Paneer mutter , Potato Sabji and Dal for veg

10.00- Lights off

Next day 

8.00-8.30 Break Fast – Upma/ Pohe Tea

Pre/post check out can go for trekking at Kates Point Mahableshwar, Kamal gadh, raireshwar (self driven) 
Minimum batch of 10 people required for the event.

Contact : Milan Wadkar @ 9819833345 for booking or email us at milan@krishnarivercamp.com Campers Have to travel on their own to the Campsite with their own vehicle. Campsite is a permanent Campsite approximately 250kms from Mumbai or ~4.5hrs and 90kms from Pune or ~2hrs.

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