Upcoming events around pune 19th – 21st sept 2015

Date Month Location Group Contact Phone Cost
17th September Laxmi Road The Western Routes Jayesh 9011040773 Free
19th September Shaniwar Wada The Western Routes Jayesh 9011040773 Free
19th September Camping wai Krishna River Camp Milan Wadkar  9819833345 1250
19th 20th September Plus Valley Rivers and Ridges Rohan 7350064961 2300
19th 20th September Camping kaas Letscampout Manasi 9819813493 3500
19th 20th September Gorakhgad Trek’Di Pinakin 9822444963 1200
19th 20th September Kalsubai Backpack Outdoors Mayur Khivasara 98239 96112 850
20th September Shivtharghal Explorers
9850502723 950
20th September Peth Zenith Odysseys
9764384221 900
20th September Kaas Plateau The Western Routes Jayesh 9011040773 1200
20th September Madhe Ghat Places Around Pune
9503645225 750
20th September Jivdhan-Naneghat Plus Valley Adventure Aaditya 7720080918 1200
20th September Kataldhar Waterfall X Limitz  Sagar 9975569993 900
20th September Fort Tunga wanderquest holidays
7558912676 100
21th September Pune Ganesha Places Around Pune

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