Pune Trekking Network 26.10.2015

Pune Trekking Network

31 Oct – 01 Nov Rajgad Torna Ankit / Yahya 9821912078 / 9867143706 2100 TreksandTrails, India
31 Oct-1 Nov Sandhan Valley Mumbai Travellers 8692086927 / 8652370001 1800 Mumbai Travellers
31 Oct-1 Nov Camping tikona Mayur 9823996112 1800 Camping Creatures
31 Oct-1 Nov Vasota Sahyavede 9850887432 1399 Sahyavede
31 Oct-1 Nov Camping Khamboli ProEdge 8087698461 2100 ProEdge
30th oct Tadoba WanderQuest Holidays 75889 12676 16,800 WanderQuest Holidays
31st oct K2S Aaditya 7720080918 400 Plus Valley Adventure
30th oct – 1st nov Mahabaleshwar Range trek Prasad Wagh 7030962351 2350 Wild trek adventure
30th oct – 1st nov Lonar Crater Mumbai Travellers 8692086927 / 8422049888 3400 Mumbai Travellers 
Posted: 25 Oct 2015 07:17 AM PDT
About Rajgad: As the name describes, King of all the forts. It is to the south-west 40 Kms from Pune. It boasts the highest number of days stayed by Chhatrapati Shivaji on any fort. He spent almost 25/30 yrs here. Rajgad is famous for its construction. The fort can be divided into four different parts based on geographical terrain and fortification. These are the three sub-plateaux (Machee) namely Padmavati Machee, Suvela Machee and Sanjevani Machee, and at the centre is the Ballekilla. Padmavati Machee (north end) : This machee is the site of Padmavati Temple, Padmavati Lake, Chor Darwaja, Pali Darwaja, Gunjavane Darwaja, Daru Kothar (storage of arms and ammunition), Diwankhana, Rajwada (ruins), Ghod Tale (Horse Lake), Sadar (office) and Dhalkathi (flag hoisting place). Suvela Machee (southeast). This is another grand machee facing east with lots of secret routes and doorways. This one is a double-stepped fortified machee with the steps separated by a beautiful bastioned doorway. At the end of first step a hole cuts across the rock; one can sit in this hole (nedhe). The final (lowest) step like Sanjeevani Machee has a double curtain wall. To the south side of this machee one can see a beautiful triangular bastion called Kaleswari buruz having an escape door near it. The home of the renowned military leader Tanaji Malusare was in this machee. About Torna fort: Torna: the fort is also known as prachandagad (huge fort), due to its massive size. In 1646, when Shivaji was 16, he launched his first military attack by capturing Torna fort, paving the way for the great empire. Many battles have been fought on this fort.   Summary Type: Hill Fort Heigh Rajgad Fort: 4182 feet Height Torna Fort: 4200 feet Grade: Medium Endurance: Medium Base Village: Gunjavne – Velhe Min Participants: 7 Max Participants: 24 Trek Leader: Mahadevo / Rajesh   Meeting point for Mumbai People: 30 October 2015 Pritam Dhaba Hotel, Dadar East 23:00 Pickup Point: Chembur Diamond Garden 23:30 Pikcup Po… Read more

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