Pune Hikers Events 27.11.2015

Pune Hikers Events

Date Location Contact Phone Cost Group
5th Dec Jungle Camping & Trek at kamalgad Milan Wadkar 9819833345 800 Milan Wadkar
05th-06th December Prabalmachi Camping Mumbai Travellers 8692022777 / 8692086927 2200 Mumbai Travellers
05th-06th December Trek to Rajgad Mahadev / Yahya 7843055832/9768143706 / 9970043706 2200 TREKSANDTRAILS, INDIA
06th December LOHGAD FORT & BHAJE CAVES MUMBAI TRAVELLERS 8692086927/ 8652370001 750 MUMBAI Travellers
12th- 13th December Trek to Harishchandragad Nihar 9405575925/ 8408862698 1050 Mid Earth
12th-13th Dec Sacred Groves Trip Nihar 9405575925 3450 Mid Earth
12th-13th December Harishchandragad Kokankada Camping Mountrek India 9967837516 / 9867250271 1500 Mountrek India
12th-13th December Startrail Velas Mumbai Travellers 8422049888 / 8692086927 3000 Mumbai Travellers
12th-13th December Lakeside Camping Mumbai Travellers 8422049888 / 8692086927 2500 Mumbai Travellers
18th-20th December DANDELI WILDLIFE TOUR Mumbai Travellers 8422049888 / 8692086927 9900 Mumbai Travellers
19th to 26th December Parambikulam Wildlife camp Nihar 9405575925 19500 Mid Earth
19th-20th December Sandhan Valley Trek Mumbai Travellers 8692033777 / 8692086927 1800 Mumbai Travellers
21st- 22nd November Katraj to Sinhagad Night Trek Nihar 9405575925 300 Mid Earth
23rd-27th December Coastal Bike Expedition Mumbai Travellers 8692033777 / 8692086927 9500 Mumbai Travellers
24th-28th December Umred-karhandla Wildlife Camp Nihar 9405575925 11,600 Mid Earth
25th-27th December Scuba Diving and Snorkeling at Malvan MUMBAI TRAVELLERS 8692033777 / 8692086927 9900 MUMBAI Travellers
Posted: 26 Nov 2015 09:09 PM PST
Krishna River Camps : Overnite Jungle Camping & Trek @ Kamalgad website krishnarivercamp.com also check us out on    Venue : Kamalgad FB  https://www.facebook.com/groups/1097523333608195/    Program plan and package Rs.800 per person – Inclusive of all taxes, Over night stay in tents, dinner   3pm- Assemble at Krishna River camp – Campsite 3.30pm – Start the drive for base village nandgane (included in package) 4.30-6.30- acend to reach the mid way- our base camp where we will set up tents 7.30-8.30 – Leisure Time and collecting wood for campfire 8.30-9.30- Dinner – Jungle cooking your own food (maggie) Post dinner campfire and then rest in your own 3 person tents on sharing basis.   Next day  7.00am –  start the acend to reach the village near the peak 8.00am – Tea (included in package) and snacks (carry your own Breakfast) 9.00am – Start to reach the peak of Kamal gadh. 10.am-11.am Post Kamal gadh, explore the adjacent Navra Navri Dongar 11am-12pm – Decend to base village Nandgane and then drive to Wai ST Depot (included in package)   What to explore on kamal gadh. The jungle is full of flora and fauna and you can see deers, the giant squirrle.   We will provide tents which campers have to carry on their own. They will have to get their own sleeping bags/mats. Utensils such as plates spoons. Carry their own snacks and water.        Contact : Milan Wadkar @ 9819833345 for booking or email us at    milan@krishnarivercamp.com Campers have to travel on their own to Krishna River Camp- Wai with their own vehicle/ST or private buses.       Wai is approximately 250kms from Mumbai or ~4.5hrs and 90kms from Pune or ~2hrs…. Read more

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