Pune Hikers Events 29.11.2015

Pune Hikers Events

Date Location Contact Phone Cost Group
5th Dec Jungle Camping & Trek at kamalgad Milan Wadkar 9819833345 800 Milan Wadkar
05th-06th December Prabalmachi Camping Mumbai Travellers 8692022777 / 8692086927 2200 Mumbai Travellers
05th-06th December Trek to Rajgad Mahadev / Yahya 7843055832/9768143706 / 9970043706 2200 TREKSANDTRAILS, INDIA
06th December LOHGAD FORT & BHAJE CAVES MUMBAI TRAVELLERS 8692086927/ 8652370001 750 MUMBAI Travellers
12th- 13th December Trek to Harishchandragad Nihar 9405575925/ 8408862698 1050 Mid Earth
12th- 13th December Lakeside Camping with Adventure Sports & music Shannon 9819765950 3699 Vagabond
12th-13th Dec Sacred Groves Trip Nihar 9405575925 3450 Mid Earth
12th-13th December Harishchandragad Kokankada Camping Mountrek India 9967837516 / 9867250271 1500 Mountrek India
12th-13th December Startrail Velas Mumbai Travellers 8422049888 / 8692086927 3000 Mumbai Travellers
12th-13th December Lakeside Camping Mumbai Travellers 8422049888 / 8692086927 2500 Mumbai Travellers
18th-20th December DANDELI WILDLIFE TOUR Mumbai Travellers 8422049888 / 8692086927 9900 Mumbai Travellers
19th to 26th December Parambikulam Wildlife camp Nihar 9405575925 19500 Mid Earth
19th-20th December Sandhan Valley Trek Mumbai Travellers 8692033777 / 8692086927 1800 Mumbai Travellers
21st- 22nd November Katraj to Sinhagad Night Trek Nihar 9405575925 300 Mid Earth
23rd-27th December Coastal Bike Expedition Mumbai Travellers 8692033777 / 8692086927 9500 Mumbai Travellers
24th-28th December Umred-karhandla Wildlife Camp Nihar 9405575925 11,600 Mid Earth
25th-27th December Scuba Diving and Snorkeling at Malvan MUMBAI TRAVELLERS 8692033777 / 8692086927 9900 MUMBAI Travellers
Posted: 28 Nov 2015 05:12 AM PST
Dear trekkers,#Trekkers Journey glad to invites you for long journey trek to SiddhaGad fort (Top) on 6th Dec 2015 (Leaving 5th Dec n
ight).Info : SiddhaGad fort event is a complete adventures experiance of Junge walk, wildlife experiance,long Trek, Campfire,village food & stay.Fort height : 3232 ft MSLType : Hill fort Place : Bhimashankar wildlife sanctuaryGrade : Easy till Siddhagad machi then moderate to summit ballekilla.History : In 1657/58 Chatrapati maharaj won Siddhagad and north konkan forts.Then it has been under of mughal but after Shambhu maharaj death, another battle won by maratha against mughal and swarajya flag Bhagawa hosted on siddhagad.In 1734 peshwai kept some soldier on fort.In 1888 britishers destroyed many forts n range like padargad, siddhagad.In 1942/43 freedom fighters ” Bhai kotwal & Hiraji pandit with many fighters” started freedom movement against Britishers.2nd Jan 1943 black day freedom fighters were shot dead at this place by Britisher.We can see few remnants of the fort that was battled over between British and Maratha army, Shiva Temple, few broken cannons, few water cisterns etc.If clear weather we can see Kothaligad, Bhimashankar, Gorakhgadh & Macchindragadh from top of Siddhagadh.#Tentative itinerary :#Pune people : @ Swargate (Natraj hotel) @ 19:00 pm on 5th Dec.#Mumbai people : Meeting point Kalyan bus depo @ 22:00 pm on 5th Dec 2015. #Will start our journey towards base village.Night trek of half hour, campfire with intro round and rest.#Early morning 06:00 am after breakfast will start our journey towards siddhagad wadi.Enjoy remaining waterfalls, streams on the way.#The way to the fort is through dense forest which helps us to trek in cool breeze.10: 00 Am @ siddhagad wadi plateau.rest and exploration10: 30 Hike starts towards Ballekilla citadel (moderate level)12: 00 Summit top of siddhgad.Exploration, photography & descend.2 : 00 Pm : Lunch (veg)After lunch n rest will start descend.5 : 00 Pm base village.te… Read more

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