Happy Christmas from Ireland-Nature Sounds with Relaxing Piano Music-Relaxation Meditation

On a calm winters evening a few friends and I went out into the rugged Irish landscape in search of a suitable tree to film as part of an installation to highlight the threat of Fracking to this pristine area of Ireland’s countryside.

We chose a Hawthorn tree atop a grass topped rocky outcrop. The Hawthorn tree has a special place in Irish folklore, being associated with fertility and affairs of the heart. It’s chemical properties have long since been used in the healing of heart related ailments.

Hawthorn trees are often found growing close to wells. Many wells in Ireland having healing properties in their water and have become sacred pilgrimage sites. Keep sakes, prayers and fragments of cloth can be found adorning the hawthorn tree growing close to the well, left with intentions of healing prayers for loved ones.

Farmers will shy away from disturbing a hawthorn tree, believing that a curse would be placed upon them by the ‘Little Folk’ if they were to interfere with it.

The tree we chose was very atmospheric against the darkening winter sky. We lit the tree with candles in glass jars which we hung from the branches. As the light began to fade in the background I set my camera rolling capturing the mystical atmosphere of this sacred land. We could feel the presence of the ‘Little Folk’ as we stood in the silence of the evening meditating on the beautiful scene before us.

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