Pune Hikers Events 5.2.2016

Pune Hikers Events

Posted: 04 Feb 2016 05:35 AM PST
Dear Friends we invite you all for Trek to Rajgad on 28th Feb 2016 (leaving 27th Feb 2016). Some Information about the Fort: Basic Info: Rajgad is a fort located near Katraj. The height of Rajgad from sea level is 4250 feet and offers spectacular views of Sahyadri Mountains. One can see Sinhagad and Torna fort from Rajgad. Main parts of the fort are: Padmavati Machi: Facing north this has Padmavati Temple, Padmavati Lake, chor darwaja, Pali darwaja, Gunjavane darwaja, Daru Kothar (storage of arms and ammunition) and remains of the castle. Sanjivani Machi: This huge, beautiful and royally constructed machi faces west and has 3 layered fortifications making it extremely difficult to conquer. Each layer has a depth of 20 feet and just 2 feet wide which looks like a scary narrow well. This type on construction was to aide guerilla warfare. Suvela Machi: This is another grand machi facing east with lots of secret routes, doorways, nedha (Mountain hole). Bale Killa: This is the highest part of the fort which has remains of palaces, water lakes and water towers. One can view the whole fort and the vast surrounding expanse.   Rajgad – The name describes the place itself – The king of all the forts 42 kms from Pune Rajgad is truly the King of all forts. It is famous for its structure. Rajgad is surrounded by Sinhagad, Torna, Mangalgad and Purandar. Shivaji Maharaj spent most of his life on this fort. He was here for nearly 30 years. This fort is historically very much important. The fort is 1400 mts above sea level. Little info about the fort :Place: Rajgad fortType: Hill FortHeight: 4182 feetGrade: MediumEndurance: MediumBase Village: GunjavneTrek Leader: Swpanil. The itinerary for trek is:Meeting at : Pritam Hotel Dadar East 11.00 pm on Saturday nightPick up Points : Vashi below Vashi bridge at 11.45 pm. Start our trek by 6 am, reach the top till 9 am.Explore the fort, Lunch, and start Descend by 2 pmEvening Refreshment at the base village.Start our return journey and Reac… Read more
Posted: 04 Feb 2016 04:54 AM PST
Dear Friends we invite you to Night trek to Irshalgad on 21st Feb 2016 (leaving on 20th Feb 2016)   Little Info About The Trek:   Trek Type: Hill Trek Height: 3700 Feet above MSL (Approx) Grade: Medium Range: Panvel Trek Leader: Jatinder.   Irshalgad is a fortress located between Matheran and Panvel in Maharashtra, India. It is a sister fort to Prabalgad. The area of the fort is not large but there are several water cisterns cut from the rock. The nearest village is Irshalwadi. Irshalgad pinnacle is accessible by an easy to moderate 3.4 kilometre / 2 hour trek.   Shivaji Maharaj captured the complete region of Kalyan and Bhiwandi, up to Rairi in May 1666. This fort too, must have come under the Maratha rule at that time.    Train Timing CST – Karjat Fast Local CST – 11:18 PM Byculla – 11:25 PM Dadar – 11:31 PM Kurla – 11:38 PM Ghatkopar – 11:42 PM Thane – 11:58 PM Dombivali – 12:10 AM Kalyan – 12:18 AM Karjat – 01:09 AM   (If you miss the train you miss the trek so make sure you are on time to catch the train.) People may board the same train from the station of their convenience and meet us in the train directly.   The itinerary for trek is:   Reach Base Village by 2:00 am Introduction Round Start trekking towards Machi Rest at Machi till Sunrise After Breakfast start trek to Irshalgad Reach the Irshalgad by 8:30 am Explore the Fort and Back to Irshalgad Machi  Reach Base Village by 12 pm. Reach Karjat Station by 12:30 pm Reach Mumbai by 2:30 – 3 pm.   Expenses for the Trek is 500 /- which is inclusive of Morning Breakfast & Tea, Taxi Fare from Karjat to Karjat, Guide, Mumbai Rangers Administration Charges if any..   For Registration call us: Nishant sheth : 8879418581 Amit Bhadouria :9819299164 Registration accepted only through phone call..   Important things to carry : Water Bottle (3 ltrs) Compulsory Torch with Extra batteries, Electrol 1 pack Warm Cloth , Extra Pair of Clothes Sleeping bag or proper Bedding (can be used if Required) Mosquito Repellent Crea… Read more
Posted: 03 Feb 2016 07:22 PM PST
Dear Friends We invite you for MumbaiRangers Night Trek to Ramshej Fort on 21 Feb 2016 Leaving 20 Feb night   Some information about the event Ramshej Fort Type : Hill forts Height : 3273 ft Fort Range : Trimbakeshwar District : Nashik Grade : Easy (Max 1.5 hours Ascend)   Ramshej literally means Lord Ram’s bedstead. While in exile, Lord Ram had made this place as his residence for some time, which gives the fort its name. Nasik is an ancient city of India. References are found showing its importance in all the four Yugas.  It was known as Padmanagar in Kruta Yuga, Janasthana in Dwapar Yuga and Nasik in Kali-Yuga. On the western tip of the beautiful Ramshej Ghat in Northern Nasik, lies the marvelous Ramshej fort. Ramshej is about 14km from Nasik, while travelling  to Peth and from there it is a short trek to the fort. The fort is located at a height of 3273ft, which shows you the marvel of labor and effort that went  into making it. The best time to visit the Ramshej Fort is when there is a short dry spell during the monsoons. This helps because when it rains, the hillside suddenly  bursts into greenery and during those short drying spells in the monsoons, the soil is firm enough to climb and does not muck your shoes.   History has it, that the fort was attacked by Aurangzeb’s army, and his commanders threatened the Maratha kingdom saying that they would capture the fort  in hours but Shivaji Maharaj’s son Sambhaji resisted these attacks for 7 years. The Fort thus remained with the Marathas for a period that was longer than  the fighting lives of some of the commanders of Aurangazeb’s army who made the claim that the fort would be taken down in hours.   To See on Fort:   Ram Mandir : The way to the fort starts from its base village on the south side, and goes to the top from the east face. En route, there is a small temple of lord Ram  inside a huge cave. The cave is well maintained by the devotees and offers a nice place to stay. Inscription near the cave can be cl… Read more
Posted: 03 Feb 2016 08:34 AM PST
Dear Friends We invite You for Bhandardara Camping With MumbaiRangers on 13 & 14 Feb 2016 Leaving Saturday Afternoon                          Bhandardara is another tourist attraction, Wilson Dam on the Pravara River Bhandardara provides plenty of opportunity for small treks and hikes for adventure lovers. The most interesting and exciting trek is the small trek to Ratangad fort; to reach Ratangad fort one should take the boat over the small lake near the village Ratanwadi. Ratanwadi is known for its scenic boat rides. Ratangad is an interesting fortress, situated at the edge of ghats with numerous water cisterns and caves Ratanwadi overlooking the locale of Bhandardara, one of the oldest artificial catchment area. Ratanwadi is the Amruteshwar temple dating back to the Hemadpant Era – roughly from the eighth century Camping is usually a time when you go back to basics and enjoy simple pursuits such as reading, watching stars, hiking, swimming and playing games together as a group. Camping offers peace and quiet and relaxing atmosphere. Its helps to get close to nature.                                                                           Itenery: Meeting point at 14:00 Hrs (sharp) at Kasara Railway station We all can travel by local train Mumbai CST – Kasara Train, timings are as follows: 11:34 CST 11:47 Dadar 12:16 Thane 12:47 Kalyan 13:57 Kasara Participants Are Requested to Either Have lunch and come on Saturday or Bring packed Lunch can eat While Travelling in Jeep… Saturday– 14:30 Shared Jeep Ride till Camp Site 16:30 Reach Ratanwadi 17:00 Tea snacks 18:00 20 Mins Walk to campsite Setup Campsite 19.00 CampFire, Games, Songs, Night Photography. 21:00 Dinner Sunday– 08:30 Breakfast 10:00 Explore Ratanwadi 13.00 Lunch at Ratanwadi 14:30 Departure from camping site 15:30 Disperse at Kasara railway station Cost: Rs. 1700/- per person. For Confirm Registration Deposit Full Amount in Account … Account Details will be given on request… For Registration… Read more
Posted: 03 Feb 2016 08:32 AM PST
Dear Friends We Invite you For Camping at Bhivpuri Near Matheran With MumbaiRangers on 14 Feb 2016 Saturday Night (Simple 20 mins Trek) Bhivpuri is a town in Karjat Taluka near Mumbai. It is the location of Bhivpuri Road railway station of the Mumbai Suburban Railway. A temple of Sai Baba of Shirdi is located here. Numerous nearby waterfalls attract visitors on weekends. Bhivpuri Dam and a hydro-electricity generation plant of Tata Power is located nearby. Garbett point is located on South-west side of Matheran with grand view of the plateau.Climate here is very cool with some breath taking views Some Information about the Place: Grade: Easy (Simple 20 mins Trek) District: Raigad Range: Matheran Base Village: Diksal Trek Leader : Nishant Sheth Train Timing CST – Karjat fast local CST – 07:01pm Byculla – 07:08pm Dadar – 07:14pm Kurla – 07:21pm G
hatkopar – 07:25pm Thane – 07:41pm Dombivali – 07:54pm Kalyan – 08:01pm Bhivpuri Road – 08:43pm. (If you miss the train you miss the trek so make sure you are on time to catch the train.) People may board the same train from the station of their convenience and meet us in the train directly. (Get into second Last boggy from CST side) The itinerary for trek is: Meeting Point Bhivpuri road station Introduction Round Start Trek under moon light (Simple 20 mins Trek) Reach campsite near Dam Tents and campfire will be ready Enjoy Night with Campfire and songs Dinner Dayoff Morning Breakfast Tea Reach Bhivpuri station in 30 mins Sunday Morning Reach Mumbai by 9:30am… Sunday Morning Expenses for the Trek is 750 /- which is inclusive of Dinner, Tents charges, Morning Breakfast & Tea, Guide, MumbaiRangers Administration Charges. For Registration call us: Nishant Sheth : 8879418581 Amit Bhadouria :9819299164 Registration accepted only through phone call.. Important things to carry : Water Bottle (3 ltrs) Some snacks biscuits wafers etc Compulsory Torch with Extra batteries, Sleeping Bag or Blankets Electrol 1 pack Camera optional Me… Read more

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