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Pune Trekking Network

6th-7thFebuary 2016Sandhan-Valley-Trek-CampingAmit / Nishant9819299164 / 8879418581MumbaiRangers
6th-7thFebuary 2016Bhandardara CampingAmit / Nishant9819299164 / 88794185811700MumbaiRangers
6thFebuary 2016Chikoo Festival Tour Batch 1Amit / Nishant9819299164 / 88794185811150MumbaiRangers
7thFebuary 2016Night Trek to Vishramgad (Patta Fort)Amit / Nishant9819299164 / 8879418581700MumbaiRangers
7thFebuary 2016Night Trek To Dodhani Village Via Sunset Point MatheranAmit / Nishant9819299164 / 8879418581450MumbaiRangers
7thFebuary 2016Naneghat TrekMountrek India9967837516 / 9867250271900Mountrek India
7thFebuary 2016Chikoo Festival Tour Batch 2Amit / Nishant9819299164 / 88794185811150MumbaiRangers
7thFebuary 2016Samarbhoomi Umberkhind Trek On 7th Feb 2016Sarang9730922591600Vatsaru Trekkers Club
06th-07thFebuary 2016Lonar Crater ExplorationKarishma Joshi8692055777 / 869273400Mumbai Travellers
06th-07thFebuary 2016Bhigwan Birdwatching TourKarishma Joshi8692022777 / 84220498883600Mumbai Travellers
06th-07thFebuary 2016Rajmachi Bike RideKarishma Joshi8692022777 / 86920337772500Mumbai Travellers
06th-07thFebuary 2016Naneghat-Jivdhan TrekKarishma Joshi8692022777 / 86523700011250Mumbai Travellers
06th-07thFebuary 2016Patta Fort Night TrekKarishma Joshi8652370001 / 8692086927950Mumbai Travellers
6th FebFebuary 2016Krishna River CampMilan Wadkar98198333453000Krishna River Camp
07thFebuary 2016Shilonda Nature TrailKarishma Joshi8692086927 / 22777250Mumbai Travellers
07thFebuary 2016Breakfast Ride @ South MumbaiKarishma Joshi8652370001 / 8692086927450Mumbai Travellers
13th-14thFebuary 2016Lake Side Camping At Malshej Ghat Joga DamAmit / Nishant9819299164 / 88794185812400MumbaiRangers
7th – 13thFebuary 2016Trans Sahyadri Trek 7 to 13 Feb 2016Arun Sawant98694743436900ISOLATION ZONE
14thFebuary 2016Valentine Special Garbett Matheran TrekMountrek India9967837516 / 9867250271400Mountrek India
14thFebuary 2016Karnala Nature TrailKarishma Joshi8692022777 / 8692086927300Mumbai Travellers
13thFebuary 2016Krishna River CampMilan Wadkar98198333452500Krishna River Camp
13th-14thFebuary 2016Kokankada Camping + Trekking Karishma Joshi8652370001 / 86920869272300Mumbai Travellers
13th-14thFebuary 2016Valentine Day Special CampingKarishma Joshi8692022777 / 86920869273000Mumbai Travellers
14thFebuary 2016Sandhan Valley One Day TrekKarishma Joshi8652370001 / 86920869271100Mumbai Travellers
14thFebuary 2016Paragliding tour to KamshetKarishma Joshi8692022777 / 86920337775000Mumbai Travellers
13th-14thFebuary 2016Bhandardara CampingAmit / Nishant9819299164 / 88794185811700MumbaiRangers
13th-14thFebuary 2016Camping at Bhivpuri Near MatheranAmit / Nishant9819299164 / 8879418581750MumbaiRangers
21stFebuary 2016Night Trek To IrshalgadAmit / Nishant9819299164 / 8879418581500MumbaiRangers
21stFebuary 2016Tour To Sula Vineyards NasikAmit / Nishant9819299164 / 88794185811700MumbaiRangers
21Febuary 2016Night Trek to Ramshej FortAmit / Nishant9819299164 / 8879418581800MumbaiRangers
28thFebuary 2016Trek To King Of All Forts RajgadAmit / Nishant9819299164 / 88794185811100MumbaiRangers
26-28thFebuary 2016Alang Madan TrekMountrek India9967837516 / 9867250271900Mountrek India
Posted: 04 Feb 2016 05:35 AM PST
Dear Friends we invite you all for Trek to Rajgad on 28th Feb 2016 (leaving 27th Feb 2016). Some Information about the Fort: Basic Info: Rajgad is a fort located near Katraj. The height of Rajgad from sea level is 4250 feet and offers spectacular views of Sahyadri Mountains. One can see Sinhagad and Torna fort from Rajgad. Main parts of the fort are: Padmavati Machi: Facing north this has Padmavati Temple, Padmavati Lake, chor darwaja, Pali darwaja, Gunjavane darwaja, Daru Kothar (storage of arms and ammunition) and remains of the castle. Sanjivani Machi: This huge, beautiful and royally constructed machi faces west and has 3 layered fortifications making it extremely difficult to conquer. Each layer has a depth of 20 feet and just 2 feet wide which looks like a scary narrow well. This type on construction was to aide guerilla warfare. Suvela Machi: This is another grand machi facing east with lots of secret routes, doorways, nedha (Mountain hole). Bale Killa: This is the highest part of the fort which has remains of palaces, water lakes and water towers. One can view the whole fort and the vast surrounding expanse.   Rajgad – The name describes the place itself – The king of all the forts 42 kms from Pune Rajgad is truly the King of all forts. It is famous for its structure. Rajgad is surrounded by Sinhagad, Torna, Mangalgad an
d Purandar. Shivaji Maharaj spent most of his life on this fort. He was here for nearly 30 years. This fort is historically very much important. The fort is 1400 mts above sea level. Little info about the fort :Place: Rajgad fortType: Hill FortHeight: 4182 feetGrade: MediumEndurance: MediumBase Village: GunjavneTrek Leader: Swpanil. The itinerary for trek is:Meeting at : Pritam Hotel Dadar East 11.00 pm on Saturday nightPick up Points : Vashi below Vashi bridge at 11.45 pm. Start our trek by 6 am, reach the top till 9 am.Explore the fort, Lunch, and start Descend by 2 pmEvening Refreshment at the base village.Start our return journey and Reac… Read more
Posted: 04 Feb 2016 04:54 AM PST
Dear Friends we invite you to Night trek to Irshalgad on 21st Feb 2016 (leaving on 20th Feb 2016)   Little Info About The Trek:   Trek Type: Hill Trek Height: 3700 Feet above MSL (Approx) Grade: Medium Range: Panvel Trek Leader: Jatinder.   Irshalgad is a fortress located between Matheran and Panvel in Maharashtra, India. It is a sister fort to Prabalgad. The area of the fort is not large but there are several water cisterns cut from the rock. The nearest village is Irshalwadi. Irshalgad pinnacle is accessible by an easy to moderate 3.4 kilometre / 2 hour trek.   Shivaji Maharaj captured the complete region of Kalyan and Bhiwandi, up to Rairi in May 1666. This fort too, must have come under the Maratha rule at that time.    Train Timing CST – Karjat Fast Local CST – 11:18 PM Byculla – 11:25 PM Dadar – 11:31 PM Kurla – 11:38 PM Ghatkopar – 11:42 PM Thane – 11:58 PM Dombivali – 12:10 AM Kalyan – 12:18 AM Karjat – 01:09 AM   (If you miss the train you miss the trek so make sure you are on time to catch the train.) People may board the same train from the station of their convenience and meet us in the train directly.   The itinerary for trek is:   Reach Base Village by 2:00 am Introduction Round Start trekking towards Machi Rest at Machi till Sunrise After Breakfast start trek to Irshalgad Reach the Irshalgad by 8:30 am Explore the Fort and Back to Irshalgad Machi  Reach Base Village by 12 pm. Reach Karjat Station by 12:30 pm Reach Mumbai by 2:30 – 3 pm.   Expenses for the Trek is 500 /- which is inclusive of Morning Breakfast & Tea, Taxi Fare from Karjat to Karjat, Guide, Mumbai Rangers Administration Charges if any..   For Registration call us: Nishant sheth : 8879418581 Amit Bhadouria :9819299164 Registration accepted only through phone call..   Important things to carry : Water Bottle (3 ltrs) Compulsory Torch with Extra batteries, Electrol 1 pack Warm Cloth , Extra Pair of Clothes Sleeping bag or proper Bedding (can be used if Required) Mosquito Repellent Crea… Read more

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