Pune Trekking Network 31.3.2016

Pune Trekking Network

Posted: 31 Mar 2016 10:53 AM PDT
Night trek to SANDHAN VALLEY…   EDAS team invites you to join the inspiring and enriching journey to the great valley of shadow. Sandhan Valley is a very good combination of canyon and valley in Nagar district. This place is also known as Valley of Suspense. Get the heart throbbing experience of crossing 4 to 5 ft deep water pool, bouldering among the huge rocks, witnessing the rarest beauty of nature which will give you a unique experience along with combination of adventure like rappelling & trekking in night. Event Name: Night Trek to Sandhan Valley  Event Date: 9th & 10th April, 2016. Duration: 1 Night & 1 Day Fees: Rs.1250 Grade: Medium but thrilling and technical Category: Trekking & Rappelling Base Village: Samrad village   Let’s enjoy the divine creation of nature’s beauty, be it a night, feel the cooling breeze, hear the silence of the jungle in the dim lights of Moon & Stars.    Itinerary:  9th April 2016, Saturday 14.45hrs – Depart from Kasara Station to Base village by Private Jeep 20.00 hrs – Reaching Samrad Village Breakup for Dinner 21.30 hrs – Night Trek begins 10th April 2016, Sunday 05:00 hrs – Reaching base camp 08:00 hrs
– Breakfast 09:00 hrs – March towards Dehne gaon 12:00 hrs – Reach Dehne Gaon 12:30 hrs – Have lunch & Relax 14:00 hrs – ST towards Shahapur 19:00 hrs – Reaching Kurla station tentatively Meeting point for MUMBAI & PUNE participant -Kasara Station What all are included in above cost? Transport From Kasara Till Samrad (Private Jeep) One Dinner, Breakfast & Lunch Return ST fare from Dehne till Shahapur First Aid Rappelling & expertise cost   For inquiries & bookings contact the below Trek Leaders Sharath Raj – 08898909062 Harshad Bane – 08898760576 Or email @ info@eightydegree.com   Criteria for Participants –  This event demands endurance and active participation in all kind of activities during the course of the Trek – Since trekking is a team activity hence everyone including amateurs mu… Read more
Posted: 30 Mar 2016 11:13 PM PDT
WSR Thrilling Night trek to Harihar on 3rd April 2016  (Leaving on 2nd April Night)   About Fort: Harihar Fort is, located in Igatpuri region of WesternGhats.Situated at an altitude of about 3, 676 ft above sea level,this unique fort isbuilt on a triangular prism of rock.The three faces and two edges of the fort are completely vertical. Rocky steps with one meter wide at an angle of about 75 degrees are also found here.A small temple and a cave with water, situated on the top, are worth visiting. Rock cut steps at an angle of almost 80 degrees vertical. While climbing the fort, we come across a rock-sheet, which has got steps carved in it. Also many grooves have been carved here for additional support. After climbing these steps, we get up-to the entrance door.There is a cavern ahead of this door. Again we come across few steps after a short distance walk from this cavern. On climbing these steps we reach to the main entrance door of this fort. The fort has got a tapering plateau with a raised level in the middle. One secret – door is located at the edge of this fort, but the way to this door has now got blocked. There is a small temple of Lord Hanumana and Lord Shiva on the plateau. A small pond is there in front of this temple. Water from this pond can be used for drinking. Making headway from here we come across a palace having two rooms in it. 10 to 12 persons can be accommodated in this palace. There are five cisterns along one side of the palace, one of which has water suitable for drinking.   Itinerary: April 02, 2016 : Catch the CST – Kasara Fast Local get into the second boggy from CST side CST            10:50 pm Byculla       10:57 pm Dadar         11:05 pm Kurla           11:13 pm Ghatkopar  11:18 pm Mulund       11:30 pm Thane         11:34 pm Dombivli     11:57 pm Kalyan        12:07 am Titwala        12:21 am Asangaon   12:41 am April 03, 2016 : Kasara        01:18 am Meeting Point: 01.30am @ Kasara Station near ticket window… Read more
Posted: 30 Mar 2016 11:11 PM PDT
WSR One Day Trek to Ajoba Fort on 02nd April 2016 Summary: Height:   4511 ft Type:      Hill trek Grade:    Medium Time:      3 hrs from Dehne, village Range:    Shahapur Fees:       Rs. 750/-                Rs. 700/- WSR Register Members Leads: Yamini Mande / Sahib Saluja   About: Ajoba is one of the highest peak in Sahyadri. One of the best places to trek near Mumbai, We can be climbed either from eastern or from western side. The climb from eastern side takes longer time. There is a Valmiki Ashram at half way to the fort. The rest path to the top is said to be risky during monsoon. Near the Ashram, there is a small hut where we can stay. A small water stream provides us with pure water. The way beyond Ashram leads to a rivulet, crossing which we can reach the cave of ‘LUV-KUSH’. To reach this spot we have to ascend the way of waterfall for one and half hour. Above this cave there is a precipice called ‘Cradle of Sitamai’. In the cave there are the carved “Padukas” or the footprints of Luv and Kush. This precipice is a real challenge for trekkers. The ashram is a sacred place and people from all over Maharashtra come here. There are some carved stones near the ashram, on which some carved idols depict some story.   Itinerary: Recommended train timing to reach Asangaon is as below. Please board the 2nd compartment from (Kasara end). CST – Kasara (S) 05.14 am 05:14 am CST 05:32 am Dadar 05:43 am Kurla 06:10 am Thane 06:41 am Kalyan 07:20 am Asangaon  07:30 am Report at Asangaon railway station 07:45 am Group introduction/orientation and have breakfast. 08:15 am Reach the base village by bus or jeep. 09:15 am Reach base village 09:30 am Start trek 12:30 pm Reach in Valmiki ashram, lunch at the ashram 14:30 pm Start descending Ajoba. 17:30 pm Reach at base village, travel to Asangaon by Bus / Jeep 19:00 pm Group disperses at Asangaon railway station.   Includes: 1. Transportation from Asangaon to Asangaon by public transport. 2. Bre… Read more

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