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Posted: 04 Apr 2016 03:46 AM PDT
www.parvatarohi.com   Turtle Festival at Velas & Harihareshwar Beach   Date:- 09&10/04/16 Sat-Sun   About Turtle festival The Turtle festival at velas is annually organized by KMM& SNM during the period of Feb-April   Plan:-Day-1 09/04/16   7:00 am- Meeting Point Malad West Station 07:00-14:00- Traveling to Velas/250 km) 14:00-onwards at velas turtle festival 20:00- Dinner & Dormitory / Home stay type accommodation will be provide   Day-2 10/04/2026 7:00- Breakfast 7:00-10:00 Visit Harihareshwar beach 12:00 Return journey    We will be returning to Mumbai by 7pm.   Participants:-   By Mahindra THAR(05 Only) (First come first serve)   Cost:- 2500/- Per head   Includes:- Traveling from Malad to Velas-Harihareshwar-Malad   by Brand new Mahindra THAR Jeep, 1Breakfast,Village veg &Non veg(Limited)dinner, 1Snacks,dormatory/Home stay type accommodation ,first aid & expertise charges   By Bike:-   Cost- 1200/-    Includes:-   1Breakfast,Village veg(unlimited) &Non veg(Limited)dinner, 1Snacks,dormatory/Home stay type accommodation ,first aid & expertise charges     Things to Carry:- ▶Extra clothes ▶Shoes ▶Chappal ▶Some ready to eat food ,plum cake, biscuits, etc ▶Medicine if require    DO’s and DON’T    Participants will have to reach 15 mins before at the starting point  Contribution once paid will not be refunded on any circumstances.  Parvatarohi should not be held responsible for any natural calamities or the situations which are beyond control.  Follow instructions given by leaders   Contact:-  Lalit Parmar-9820546305 Allwyn-9820223696… Read more
Posted: 04 Apr 2016 12:55 AM PDT
Dear friends we invite you for Night Trek to Harischandragad by MumbaiRangers on 24 April 2016 Leaving saturday night 23 april 2016 Ascend and descend via Pachnai.   Harischandragad is one of the most visited forts in Western Ghats. If you are trekking in Sahyadri for several years and you haven’t visited Harishchandragad then you haven’t trekked enough. This enormous fort has 7 routes and during this trek we will be doing most simple route ie Pachnai Route. Its the easiest way to explore Harishchandragad without facing much exhaustion. Pachnai route might be the simplest route but its very scenic. Since it does not take out your breath, you are more appreciative to your surroundings.   Harishchandragad: The fort is quite ancient, considered to be from the medieval period. The Great sage Changdev (one who created the epic Tatvasaar), used to meditate on Taramati/Rohidas in 14th century. The caves are also from the same period. Harishchandragad was captured by the Marathas in 1747 from the Moguls.   Konkan Kada: The most interesting point on this fort is this cliff, which has always fascinated many people from many years. The cliff faces west and looks down upon the Konkan with a breathtaking view of the surrounding region and sunset. This cliff is not just vertical; it is an overhang, almost like a cobra’s hood.   Kedareshwar: The cave of Kedareshwar has a big Shivlinga, which is totally surrounded by water. Some Information about the Fort: Height of Fort – Harischandragad -1424m (4671ft) Base Village- Pachnai. District & Region- Ahmednagar, Malshej Ghat Grade: Easy (2.5 hrs trek). Trek Leader: Swapnil Kawad.   Saturday night catch Kasara local & board second last compartment from cst side. From Kasara station reach Pachnai by Private vehicle by 2:00 am Start trek by 5:30 am Reach top by 8:00 am Morning Tea / Breakfast at Konkankada Explore Konkankada, Kedareshwar, Caves till 09:45 am Start descend at 10:00 am Reach back to base village 12:00 PM Reach Kasara… Read more

9thApril 2016Velas Turtle Fastivle & Bankot fort1300satya / bhushan9004969436 / 8898275985BHATKANTI MAHARASHTRACHI
9th-10thApril 2016Bike Ride To Adgaon & Diveagar Beach1450Yogesh/Mahesh9702525435/9004262229DGS
9th-10thApril 2016Tour To Velas Turtle fest. Bankot fort, HariHareshwar2300Mayur Phadale8080304123Wild Rangers
9th-10thApril 2016Tour To Velas Turtle Festival Batch 82250Amit Bhadouria9819299164MumbaiRangers
9th-10thApril 2016Night Trek to Matheran Via One Tree Hill Point450Amit Bhadouria9819299164MumbaiRangers
9th-10thApril 2016Night trek to Irshalgad500Amit Bhadouria9819299164MumbaiRangers
9th-10thApril 2016Motorbike ride to Velas1200Rajesh9869629288 / 9768341848TREKS AND TRAILS
9th-10thApril 2016Velas Turtle Festival2300Rajesh9869629288 / 9768341848TREKS AND TRAILS
9th-10thApril 2016Explore Sandhan Valley1800Rajesh9869629288 / 9768341848TREKS AND TRAILS
9th-10thApril 2016HARISHCHANDRAGAD TREK (Via PANCHNAI ROUTE)1,5008692086927/8692055777Avanee TMumbai Travellers
9th-10thApril 2016SANDHAN VALLEY FULL DESCEND TREK1,8008692086927/8692055777Avanee TMumbai Travellers
9th to 17thApril 2016Blissful Bhutan Tour55,500Surendra9819091954Mid Earth
14th to 16thApril 2016Music Camping at Konkan Kada2,000Shannon9819765950Vagabond
14th to 17thApril 2016Coastal Forts of Karnataka & Goa6,000Kumar Gaudse9870577761 / 9930252241Trekways Sahyadri
14th to 18thApril 2016Umred Karhandla Wildlife camp12,950Nihar9405575925Mid Earth
16 – 17April 2016Tour to Velas Turtle Festival Batch 92250Amit Bhadouria9819299164MumbaiRangers
16th 17thApril 2016Velas Turtle Festival2300Rajesh9869629288 / 9768341848TREKS AND TRAILS
16th 17thApril 2016Motorbike ride to Rajmachi1200Rajesh9869629288 / 9768341848TREKS AND TRAILS
16th – 17thApril 2016Night Trek to Rajmachi950/-Nihar9405575925Mid Earth
17th to 30thApril 2016Annapurna Base Camp Trek62,500Nihar9405575925Mid Earth
17thApril 2016Night Trek to Garbett Plateau Matheran Leaving 16 Night450Amit Bhadouria9819299164MumbaiRangers
24April 2016Night trek to harishchandragad950Amit Bhadouria9819299164Mumbairangers
23rd – 24thApril 2016Motorbike ride to Velas1200Rajesh9869629288 / 9768341848TREKS AND TRAILS
23rd – 24thApril 2016Velas Turtle Festival2300Rajesh9869629288 / 9768341848TREKS AND TRAILS
23rd – 24thApril 2016Explore Sandhan Valley1800Rajesh9869629288 / 9768341848TREKS AND TRAILS
30thApril 2016Tour To Mango Festival Ratnagiri 20164500Amit Bhadouria9819299164MumbaiRangers
30thApril 2016Camping at Bhandaradara1600Rajesh9869629288 / 9768341848TREKS AND TRAILS
30thApril 2016Sangla Valley25000Mumbai Travellers8692086927 / 8692033777Mumbai Travellers

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