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Pune Trekking Network

Posted: 03 May 2016 04:03 AM PDT
Dear Friends we invite you to Mango festival Tour to Ratnagiri with MumbaiRangers on 14 & 15 May Leaving Friday Night 13 May 2016   We always give some thing special and unique to everyone , so this time we have Mango wala summer for you at ratnagiri,ganpatipule temple and ganpatipule beach,Konkani food,Unlimited mango,mango related activities,indoor and outdoor games Last but not the least Mumbai Rangers cricket tournament… Come Lets experience it together… Summer 2016 is finally here! And what beats the summer heat if it’s not a basket full of mangoes? And to beat that too, mangoes in a huge mango farm!   We know people playing around with tomatoes and grapes. How fun would it be to play with mangoes? Squash and splash around with your hands, and of course, not waste it. Yes, Mumbai Rangers now has mangoes in store for you. And again, of course, not the typical style, but Mumbai Rangers’ style! Here’s what we have for you- Imagine yourself in a mango farm, surrounded by the huge mango trees. Don’t forget to imagine the summer beauty of Ganpatipule, its nature and its beaches. Now, imagine a vast field with all sorts of games set up, that include eating mangoes, drinking mangoes, thinking mangos, earning mangos and spending mangoes! And along with that a bunch of activities like bird watching and campfire in Night. Now who would give up on that image? So here’s hoping to see you at the MANGO FEST 2016!!     The itinerary for the tour will be as follows:   Over night Journey towards ratnagiri in Private AC Bus   Friday 13 may Meeting Point :Pritam Hotel Dadar East 11 oclock. Pickup point Chembur: yogi hotel 11:15. Pikcup Point : Vashi Below Main Bridge 11:45. Pickup Point For all Pune People Kalamboli MC’Donald Near Highway   Saturday 14 may Reach Ratnagiri by 07.00am in the morning. Explore the mango farm with exciting game sessions Like Mango Plucking ,Mango Treasure Hunt. Eat mango, drink Mango and Breath Mango!! Eat Unlimited Mangoes visit Ganpatipule Beach … Read more

6th To 8thMAY 2016RANTHAMBORE WILDLIFE SAFARI16,000Avanee T8692086927
7th MayMAY 2016Krishna River Camp1,250Milan Wadkar9819833345
8thMAY 2016Night Trek to One Tree hill Matheran450Amit Bhadouria9819299164
8thMAY 2016Night Trek to Irshalgad 500Amit Bhadouria9819299164
8thMay 2016Travel Trikon Sunset Sailing1500Manoj Kalwar9819021806 / 9870775633
8th MayMay 2016Tandem Paragliding 4500Manoj Kalwar9819021806 / 9870775633
07th – 08thMAY 2016Camping at Kalavanti durg base1,600Rajesh9869629288 / 9768341848
7th – 8th MayMay 2016Stargazing Naneghat 3000Manoj Kalwar9819021806 / 9870775633
7th – 8th MayMay 2016Night Trek Matheran Via Garbett Point route900Avanee T8692086927
17th to 27thMAY 2016Kuari Pass Trek24,700Nihar9405575925
11th to 15thMAY 2016Ranthambhore Wildlife Camp16,500Nihar9405575925
15th to 23rd5/1/2016Backpack around McleodGanj/Triund, Himachal16,000Shannon9819765950
15thMay 2016Travel Trikon Sunset Sailing1500Manoj Kalwar9819021806 / 9870775633
14 – 15May 2016Mango Festival Tour 2016 Batch 24,500Amit Bhadouria9819299164
15thMay 2016Night Trek to Vishramgad750Amit Bhadouria9819299164
15thMay 2016Night Trek To Garbett Plateau Matheran 450Amit Bhadouria9819299164
14 – 15May 2016Summer Camp 20162,550Amit Bhadouria9819299164
14th – 21stMAY 2016Trek to Har Ki Dun9,500Amit Bhadouria9819299164
14th – 15thMAY 2016Motorbike ride to Rajmachi1,200Rajesh9869629288 / 9768341848
20-26MAY 2016Bike Ride to Pondicherry 0Amit Bhadouria9819299164
21st – 22ndMAY 2016Motorbike ride to Velas1,200Rajesh9869629288 / 9768341848
21st – 22ndMAY 2016Explore Sandhan Valley1,800Rajesh9869629288 / 9768341848
21-22MAY 2016Asia’s Longest Tyrolean Traverse 1900 FT3,000Mayur Phadale8080304123
21 – 22MAY 2016Asia’s Longest Tyrolean Traverse 1900 FT3,000Amit Bhadouria9819299164
21 – 28MAY 2016Roopkund Trek9,700Amit Bhadouria9819299164
22ndMAY 2016Night Trek to Peb Matheran t450Amit Bhadouria9819299164
22ndMAY 2016Night Trek to Prabalmachi550Amit Bhadouria9819299164
24th to 28thMAY 2016Bandhavgarh Wildlife Camp17,200Nihar9405575925
24th to 28th6/1/2016Backpack around McleodGanj/Triund, Himachal16,000Shannon9819765950

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