Pune Trekking Network 7.5.2016

Pune Trekking Network

8thMAY 2016Night Trek to One Tree hill Matheran450Amit Bhadouria9819299164
8thMAY 2016Night Trek to Irshalgad 500Amit Bhadouria9819299164
8thMay 2016Travel Trikon Sunset Sailing1500Manoj Kalwar9819021806 / 9870775633
8th MayMay 2016Tandem Paragliding 4500Manoj Kalwar9819021806 / 9870775633
17th to 27thMAY 2016Kuari Pass Trek24,700Nihar9405575925
11th to 15thMAY 2016Ranthambhore Wildlife Camp16,500Nihar9405575925
15th to 23rd5/1/2016Backpack around McleodGanj/Triund, Himachal16,000Shannon9819765950
15th MayMAY 2016Night Trek To Vikatgad (Peb)500Manoj Kalwar9819021806
15thMay 2016Travel Trikon Sunset Sailing1500Manoj Kalwar9819021806 / 9870775633
14 – 15May 2016Mango Festival Tour 2016 Batch 24,500Amit Bhadouria9819299164
15thMay 2016Night Trek to Vishramgad750Amit Bhadouria9819299164
15thMay 2016Night Trek To Garbett Plateau Matheran 450Amit Bhadouria9819299164
14 – 15May 2016Summer Camp 20162,550Amit Bhadouria9819299164
14th – 21stMAY 2016Trek to Har Ki Dun9,500Amit Bhadouria9819299164
14th – 15thMAY 2016Motorbike ride to Rajmachi1,200Rajesh9869629288 / 9768341848
21st – 22ndMAY 2016Motorbike ride to Velas1,200Rajesh9869629288 / 9768341848
21st – 22ndMAY 2016Explore Sandhan Valley1,800Rajesh9869629288 / 9768341848
21-22MAY 2016Asia’s Longest Tyrolean Traverse 1900 FT3,000Mayur Phadale8080304123
21 – 22MAY 2016Asia’s Longest Tyrolean Traverse 1900 FT3,000Amit Bhadouria9819299164
21 – 28MAY 2016Roopkund Trek9,700Amit Bhadouria9819299164
22ndMAY 2016Night Trek to Peb Matheran t450Amit Bhadouria9819299164
22ndMAY 2016Night Trek to Prabalmachi550Amit Bhadouria9819299164
24th to 28thMAY 2016Bandhavgarh Wildlife Camp17,200Nihar9405575925
24th to 28thMAY 2016Backpack around McleodGanj/Triund, Himachal16,000Shannon9819765950
28th – 29thMAY 2016Night Trek to Garbett Plateau Matheran450Amit Bhadouria9819299164
28th – 29thMAY 2016FireFlies Special Night Trek to Kothligad650Amit Bhadouria9819299164

WSR 1 Day Paragliding Tour on 15th May 2016

Posted: 06 May 2016 12:26 PM PDT
WSR 1 Day Paragliding Tour on 15th May 2016 Have you thought of flying in the Air ????? About the Tour: This outing is planned to gift you the most memorable 15 minutes of your own life…the moments that you will be in the air…at the height that birds fly…enjoying the real meaning of Independence and Joy!! Our professional experts provide this paragliding ride at Kamshet near Pune. Every healthy adult is eligible for this. The paraglider is a wing, rather than a parachute, having the ability to glide forwards rather than to simply descend vertically. Whilst the paraglider is a completely soft structure, with the pilot being suspended underneath, once the canopy has been inflated, it becomes a wing – similar in profile to an airplane wing. Launching a paraglider requires a short run along a gentle slope, the wing the lifts the pilot off the ground – there is no sensation of falling, a good launch feels similar to an airplane taking off.   Short Info: Place: Kamshet, Lonavala. Gliding time: 10 to 15 mins approx Type: Adventures / Joy Ride. Participants: 20 max. Cost: Special Offer Price: Rs: 4200/-   ( Additional 1000 to be paid Cash to Rider Club if required Video shooting & Photograph while Riding )(Additional gliding at Rs. 3000/- per glide as per time convenience) You need to compulsory transfer the amount then only your seat will be confirmed. No Last moment confirmation will be taken.   Includes: Travelling from Dadar to Kamshet in Private Vehicle. Breakfast, Evening Tea and Lunch. Technical Expertise.   Excludes: Insurance, Anything other than mention above.   Info of the event : A two seater JOYRIDE with an experienced Pilot. It is the most FUN and Easiest way to taste the exhilaration of Free Flight. You sit with the pilot on a separate and comfortable seat and enjoy the view. Carry your camera and take some amazing pictures from the sky.   Important Note: 1. Paragliding is totally weather dependent advent… Read more

21st-29thJune 2016Backpack to McleodGanj/Trund in Himachal16,0009819765950Shannon Fernandes
22nd-29thMay 2016Himalayan Trek to Roopkund115008422888006/007/008Nilesh k
23rd-28thMay 2016Himalayan Trek to Patalsu Peak, Manali100008422888006/007/008Nilesh k
23rd 28thMay 2016PATALSU PEAK100009819299164Amit Bhadouria
24th to 28thMay 2016Trek to Kalsubai172009819091954Surendra
26 to 29May 2017Add-Venture India SUMMER CAMP for Kids75009819828845Prasanna Joshi
25thMay 2016LEH LADAKH TRIP 10D/9N 228009029148241Raj Singh
27th-28thMay 2016Trek to Kalsubai11008422888006/007/008Nilesh k
27th-29thMay 2016Trek to Scuba Diving Special Konkan Tour85008422888006/007/008Nilesh k
28thMay 2016Midnight Cycling regal to bandstand coastal route9009819299164Amit Bhadouria
28th – 29thMay 2016Night Trek to Garbett Plateau Matheran4509819299164Amit Bhadouria
28th – 29thMay 2016Fire Flies Special Night Trek to Kothligad 6509819299164Amit Bhadouria
29thMay 2016Aarey colony Cycling sunday Morning 4509819299164Amit Bhadouria
28th-29thMay 2016Dhak-Bahiri-caves- Night -Trek9009987121415 / 9029209992Amey Bhagat
28th-29thMay 2016SV :: Fireflies Special Night trek 2 Rajmachi12009702121373 / 9869369836Jagadish Patil
28th-29thMay 2016SV :: Konkankada Camping – Fireflies & possible Indrawraj 18009702121373 / 9869369836Jagadish Patil
28th-29thMay 2016SV :: Fireflies Special Night Trek 2 Prabalmachi8009702121373 / 9869369836Jagadish Patil
28th-29thMay 2016 Wild Rangers Midnight Cycling In South Mumbai – Batch 28009028271859 | 8007857825Roshan Dalvi
28th – 29thMay 2016Lake side Camping at Pawana Lake, Lonavala16007738073691 / 9970377855Ravi / Yogi
28th – 29thMay 2016Night Trek and Camping at Kulang Top12007738073691 / 9970377855Ravi / Yogi
28th – 30thMay 2016Wildlife Tour @ Tadoba107507718980081 – 82, 9920763414My Mera India
28th-29thMay2016Fireflies camping at Samrad15509867697306/9867693107Mapping Journeys!
28th-29thMay2016Trek to Kalsubai11008422888006/007/008Nilesh k
28th-29thMay2016Fireflies Special Trek to Prabalgad Machi8808422888006/007/008Nilesh k
28thMay 2016Night Camping Trek to Harihar11509819085757 / 9370080086Deepak / Mahadeo
29thMay 2016Himalayan Trek to Roopkund115008422888006/007/008Nilesh k

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