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Pune Trekking Network

Posted: 18 May 2016 11:24 PM PDT
Dear Rangers, We at Wild Rangers have arranged the Night trek to Sinhagad via Katraj (K2S) on 21 and 22 May 2016   Katraj to Sinhagad or as we call it “K2S” is a popular night trek for professional trekkers, amateurs and newbies. The route starts from the Katraj Tunnel Top (Old), travels through a series of 14 mountains and hills and approximately (16kms.) which leads to the destination the Top of Sinhagad Fort. It is definitely a trek which will test your physical fitness, stamina and endurance.   Destination Highlights   Katraj Ghat:   The Route which connects Pune to the South Maharashtra. Both, Katraj Tunnel and Sinhagad are connected by a single mountain range. This connecting mountain range gives fascinating view of slopes and valleys surrounded by Pune and the amazing view of Pune city. All these things make one test the stamina, patience and endurance. Which makes the trek, a perfect one to start off the trekking, and for this reason the Trek has become one of the favorites amongst the Trekkers.   Sinhagad:   Sinhagad is a fortress located roughly 30 kilometers southwest of the city of Pune, India. Previously called Kondhana, the fort has been the site of many important battles, most notably the battle of Sinhagad in 1670. It was also strategically located at the centre of a string of other forts such as Rajgad, Purandar and Torna. Perched on an isolated cliff of the Bhuleswar range of the Sahyadri Mountains, it is situated on a hill rising 1312 meters above sea level. Given natural protection by its very steep slopes, the walls and bastions were constructed at only key places; it has two gates – the Kalyan Darwaja in the south-east and the Pune Darwaja in the north-east.   GRADE: High Endurance/medium TOTAL TREKKING TIME: 10hrs TOTAL DISTANCE: 16+kms MAXIMUM ELEVATION: 1,312 m   Itinerary:   Day 1 : Report at Swarget at 7.00 pm Travel to Katraj Tunnel by public transport Reach BaseStart The Trek After Introduction at 8.00 pm.Take halt in between on open pla… Read more
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28th – 29thMAY 2016FireFlies Special Night Trek to Kothligad650Amit Bhadouria9819299164MumbaiRangers
28th – 29thMAY 2016Fireflies Special Trek to Harishchandragad 950Amit Bhadouria9819299164MumbaiRangers
28th – 29thMAY 2016Fireflies Special Trek At Prabalmachi750Manoj Kalwar9819021806 / 9870775633Travel Trikon
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