Pune Trekking Network 28.5.2016

Pune Trekking Network

  • MUMBAI TRAVELLERS : Fireflies Festival and Camping at Bhandardara on 11th-12th June 2016.
  • MUMBAI TRAVELLERS : Sarasgad FORT TREK on 12th June 2016.
Date Month Location Cost Contact Phone Group
28th-29th MAY 2016 Night Trek and Camping at Kulang Top (Caves stay) 1200 Ravi/yogi 7738073691/9970377855 Small Steps Adventures
28th – 29th MAY 2016 Trekking and Camping to Harischandragad 1800 Manoj Kalwar 9819021806 / 9870775633 Travel Trikon
27th – 28th MAY 2016 FireFlies Special Night Trek to Prabalmachi 750 Amit Bhadouria 9819299164 MumbaiRangers
28th – 29th MAY 2016 Night Trek to Garbett Plateau Matheran 450 Amit Bhadouria 9819299164 MumbaiRangers
28th – 29th MAY 2016 FireFlies Special Night Trek to Kothligad 650 Amit Bhadouria 9819299164 MumbaiRangers
28th-29th MAY 2016 Wild Rangers fireflies special trek to Rajmaachi 850 Mayur Phadale /Pradeep 8080304123 /7030983143 Wild Rangers
28th – 29th MAY 2016 Fireflies Special Trek to Harishchandragad 950 Amit Bhadouria 9819299164 MumbaiRangers
28th – 29th MAY 2016 Fireflies Special Trek At Prabalmachi 750 Manoj Kalwar 9819021806 / 9870775633 Travel Trikon
28th-29th MAY 2016 trek to harishchandragad 1300 yash 9022727690 Nomad Hikers
28th – 29th MAY 2016 Rajmachi Fireflies special Trek on 28-29th May 2016 1100 Amey Bhagat 9987121415/9029209992 Bhramanti365
28th-29th MAY 2016 Krishna River Camp 1250 Milan Wadkar 9819833345 Krishna River Camp
28th-29th 5/1/2016 Pawana Lakeside camping,Lonavala 1600 Ravi/yogi 7738073691/9970377855 Small Steps Adventures
Posted: 26 May 2016 06:30 AM PDT
Camping Under the Dark Sky with Glowing Fireflies !!About the Tour :Fireflies are basically insects which display the bio-luminescence character!! They actually throw out fluorescent green light from the body to attract their mate. This phenomenon of natural lighting is so mesmerizing that at times one can experience thousands of fireflies flashing the light which is one of the best natural sights to behold. Mumbai Travellers has happily coupled this beautiful experience with camping The shining blue green water of Bhandardara and the surrounding lush green mountains are treat to eyes.Imagine a camping trip near the edge of the Bhandardara lake along with friends, food and fun. A cozy night in camping tents under the blanket of millions of stars is what we aim in our camping trips with fireflies !!!OUTING DATES :11th-12th June 2016SHORT INFORMATION :Category : Fireflies Festival and CampingDuration : 2 Days/1 NightITINERARY :Day 1 :Catch a local train to Kasara from your nearest railway station on central line (09:41 am Kasara train from CST). Reach Kasara at 11:51 am and gather together at the Ticket counter. After a briefing session, grab your seat in the transfer vehicle and here we start our journey towards the scenic Bhandardara. En-route halt for lunch at dhaba near Kasara (on your own expense). Enjoy the journey with beautiful nature-scapes, gupshup and songs during the journey. Reach base village of campsite by 5 pm.On arrival refresh yourself with a glass of welcome drink (non-alcoholic) and proceed towards the boating jetty. Our secluded camping site exactly on the waterfront and we use a boat to reach up there. Enjoy one of the most mesmerizing boat journeys in Maharashtra through crystal clear water of Bhandardara backwater surrounded by proud mountains!On arrival, Set yourself free, let your soul feel the beautiful sunset and let your mind express its likelihood to silent breeze!As it gets darker and darker, experience the magnificent phenomena of firef… Read more
Posted: 26 May 2016 06:21 AM PDT
About the Tour :Fireflies Festival :We are all set to host one of the most eye-catching outing of this season – The Fireflies Festival. Pre-monsoon climate is the ideal period for fireflies and glow-worms for mating and in pursuit of the mate, hundreds of fireflies gather together on a tree displaying their bio-luminescent lights in the dark nights. Dense forests is just the perfect place for these twinkling creatures for this kind of ritual and this is the exact time when we can experience synchronous twinkling of hundreds of fireflies- one of the most beautiful phenomena in nature.Prabalgad Fort :Prabalgad Fort is located between Matheran and Panvel in the Indian State of Maharashtra, at an elevation of 2,300 feet in the Western Ghats. It was built on the the rocky plateau very close to Matheran. It is a huge fort and has many ruins of the great Maratha history. The only drawback of this magnificent fort during Swarajya time was that it had no major water resource to sustain the whole force. Today the fort is well known for its pleasant weather and the beautiful view of Matheran ranges it offers. Outing Dates : 11th-12th June 2016SHORT INFORMATION :Category : TrekkingDuration : 1 Night / 1 DayLevel : EasyHighlights of the tour: Fireflies- one of the most beautiful phenomena in nature during the Night trekAwesome trek to PrabalgadView of Kalavantin pinnacle from Prabalgad.ITINERARY :Day 1- Meet at Panvel railway station by 05:30 pm and move towards Thakurwadi- Base Village by private/ public transportation. Reach base camp by and start the night trek to ‘Prabalmachi’. Have dinner and move towards the Night Trail. Overnight Stay in at Prabalmachi.Day 2:Early morning freshen up, have breakfast and start ascending for the Prabalgad. Reach at the top, explore the fort. Have some dry snacks and back to Prabalmachi. Post Lunch, start descending.Trek Concludes with Happy Memories 🙂 COST :Tour Cost: Rs.1,100/- per personFor Lifetimed Member : Rs.1,050/- per memberInclusio… Read more
Posted: 26 May 2016 06:12 AM PDT
Awesome trek to Sarasgad !!!About the Tour :Sarasgad is situated near Pali village, Raigad district. This fort lies near Sudhagad and Amba river. Fort was under Nizamshahi rule and later with Maratha rulers. Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj gave 2000 Honas for restoration of fort. This fort was primarily used as watch place.Trek starts behind Ballaleshwar Mandir. Easy climb uphill. Then climb 96 stairs and enter fort through Dindi Darwaza. Once past through this darwaja we can see caves where soldiers lived called “Chowkidaranchya Devdya”. Water tank and fort ruins can been seen a few steps ahead. Granary and “Moti Haud” (bigger water tank) also nearby. Climb rock cut steps to reach top of fort. A few water cirstens and Kedareshwar Temple are there. Places that can be seen around Tail Baila, Sudhagad, Korigad.Outing Date : 12th June 2016SHORT INFORMATION :Category : Trek Grade : EasyDuration : 1 dayNote : Washroom facility at PaliITINERARY :Departure at 6:30 am from Dadar / Thane Breakfast enroute to Pali.Reach base village by around 10:30 am Start trek and reach top in 2 hrs.Have lunch at top and explore fort.Start descend by 3 pm.Visit Temple (if time permits).Return to Mumbai.Tour concludes with Happy Memories 😀 COST :Tour Cost : Rs.900/- per personFor Lifetime Members : Rs.850/- per memberInclusions : 1. Transportation from Dadar to Dadar2. Breakfast & Evening Refreshments3. Guide & Expertise ChargesExclusions : 1. Anything other than mentioned above PAYMENT DETAILS :For booking you need to deposit Rs.900/- per person in the following account : NAME: MUMBAI TRAVELLERSBANK: ICICIACCOUNT: CURRENT ACA/C: 623805029453BRANCH: MULUND WESTIFSC CODE ICIC0006238Cancellation and Refund applicable on the whole tour cost :1. If cancellation done prior to 15 days of outing 75% will be refunded.2. If done prior to 10 days of outing 50% will be refunded3. After that no refund will be provided.FOR MORE DETAILS, VISIT :http://www.mumbaitravellers.in/sarasgad-fort-trek/For Reg… Read more

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