At a Glance
Trek Ahivantgad
Type Hill Fort
District Nashik
Height above mean sea level 4030 ft (1230 m)
Base Village Daregoan
Minimum Duration 2 days
Region Satmala

Kalyan to Nashik (road/rail, ~ 130 km)- Daregaon (road, 40 km)

Time to reach the top About 2 hrs from Daregoan
Water Availability Potable water isn’t available on the top (at least in winter and summer)
Best season to visit November to February
Sights to visit A lake, Hanuman idol, Cave at the edge, few dry water cisterns on the pinnacle attached to the main fort
Difficulty Rating Simple
Shelter Cave

On the north of Saptashringi and to the west of Dhodap fort, is situated this fort with a big plateau. Not very frequently visited by trekker’s, this fort has seen many battles in the history.
Lake and Hanuman idol 1. Locating a cave could be difficult on a big plateau and hence it’s advisable to hire a guide from base village.
2. Potable water isn’t available at the top, at least in the summer and winter. Lake seen in the snap, doesn’t hold potable water. Hence carry ample water from base village itself.
Sight Seeing
Spacious cave
1. Though the top doesn’t have too many remnants, a cave at the edge is wonderfully situated. A stay in such a cave should be a great experiance.

2. Saptashringi temple hill is very close to Ahivant fort. Fort Achala also is close to it.

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