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Posted: 30 Sep 2016 11:00 PM PDT
Spend this weekend trekking with us to the exclusive fort of Prabalgad (located between Matheran and Panvel). Experience the scenic beauty, chilling winds, natural shower from the waterfalls as well as view the twinkling lights of Mumbai, Panvel and nearby areas from this amazing height of 2,300 ft.
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1stOctober 2016Ratangad trek & kokankadas at samrad, ghatghar8080911557900Mahesh Kumar
1stOctober 2016Seasons first Strawberry Plantations with river Bank Camping98198333452500Milan Wadkar
1stOctober 2016Waterfall Rappelling at Dhangar Waterfall98192991641500Amit Bhadouria
1stOctober 2016Trek to Kothaligad Fort9819299164650Amit Bhadouria
1stOctober 2016River Bank Camping at Wai, enroute Panchgani 98198333451250Milan Wadkar
1st – 2ndOctober 2016Range Trek to Ratangad to Harishchandragad98192991641800Amit Bhadouria
1st – 2ndOctober 2016Tour to Saputara and Gira Falls98192991643500Amit Bhadouria
1st – 2ndOctober 2016Camping at Bhandardara 7738073691 / 99703778552500Ravi / Yogi
1st – 8thOctober 2016Trek to Har Ki Dun98192991649500Amit Bhadouria
2ndOctober 2016Devkund Waterfall Trek7709307767850Sunil
2ndOctober 2016Kalavantin Durga Trek9967837516 / 9867250271550Mountrek India
2ndOctober 2016Trek to Ajoba hills7738073691 / 9970377855900Ravi / Yogi
2ndOctober 2016Trek to Gorakhgad7738073691 / 9970377855800Ravi / Yogi
2ndOctober 2016Trek to Harihar Fort7738073691 / 9970377855800Ravi / Yogi
2ndOctober 2016Trek to Tung fort7738073691 / 9970377855850Ravi / Yogi
2ndOctober 2016Trek to Sarasgad9702525435500Yogesh
2ndOctober 2016Trek to Andharban98192991641250Amit Bhadouria
2ndOctober 2016Trek to Bramhagiri and Bhandar Durg9819299164900Amit Bhadouria
2ndOctober 2016Trek to Garbett Plateau Matheran9819299164450Amit Bhadouria
2ndOctober 2016Trek to Harihar Fort9819299164750Amit Bhadouria
2ndOctober 2016Tour to Kaas Plateau and Thoseghar Waterfall98192991641650Amit Bhadouria
2ndOctober 2016Seasons first Strawberry Plantations with river Bank Camping98198333451250Milan Wadkar
2ndOctober 2016Waterfall Rappelling at Dhangar Waterfall98192991641500Amit Bhadouria
07 -16 thOctober 2016Burhanpur to Mumbai cycling9768143706 / 997004370610,990Muhammed Yahya Virani
8thOctober 2016River Bank Camping at Wai, enroute Panchgani 98198333451250Milan Wadkar
8thOctober 2016Dukes Nose Rappelling & 1000 feet traversing 97025254351600Yogesh
8thOctober 2016Trek to Irshalgad9819299164550Amit Bhadouria
8th – 11thOctober 2016Historical Karnataka – Hampi, Badami and Bijapur7738073691 / 997037785511000Ravi / Yogi
8th – 9thOctober 2016Tour to Kaas Plateue 7738073691 / 99703778551600Ravi / Yogi
8th – 9thOctober 2016Range Trek from Siddhagad to Bhimashankar98192991641700Amit Bhadouria
8th – 9thOctober, 2016On the top of Maharashtra- Trek to Kalsubai94055759251050/-Nihar
8th – 9thOctober 2016Tour to Dolphin Safari 9870 371 2803200Shrikant
8 – 15October 2016Roopkund Trek98192991649700Amit Bhadouria
9thOctober 2016Nature hike to upper Kanheri (SGNP)9819765950999Shannon Fernandes
9thOctober 2016Dukes Nose Rappelling & 1000 feet traversing 97025254351600Yogesh
9thOctober 2016Jungle Trek to Andharban7738073691 / 99703778551300Ravi / Yogi
9thOctober 2016Trek to Kalavantin Durg9819299164550Amit Bhadouria
9thOctober 2016Trek to Sondai Fort9819299164550Amit Bhadouria
9thOctober 2016Trek to Peb Vikatgad9819299164450Amit Bhadouria
9thOctober 2016Trek to Andharban (Dark Forest)98192991641250Amit Bhadouria
9thOctober 2016Trek to Harishchandragad9819299164950Amit Bhadouria
9thOctober 2016Tour to Kaas Plateau & Thoseghar Waterfall98192991641650Amit Bhadouria
09th-16thOctober 2016SIMPLY STUNNING SRI LANKA869208692749,500Avanee T
9-10October 2016GRAND CANYON OF INDIA -GANDIKOTA & BELUM CAVES86920869274000Avanee T
10th – 17thOctober 2016Trek to Roopkund97735950398600Ashish
11th-15thOctober 2016Coastal Bike Expedition86920869279500Avanee T
14th-16thOctober 20162D/2N trek to Harishchandragadh98197659501,999Shannon Fernandes
15thOctober 2016Night Trek to Ramshej Fort9819299164800Amit Bhadouria
15th – 16thOctober 2016Camping at Harishchandragad Kokankada7738073691 / 99703778551550Ravi / Yogi
15th – 16thOctober 2016Trek to Bhimashankar via Shidi gha
7738073691 / 99703778551500Ravi / Yogi
15-16October 2016LONAR CRATER ECOTOUR86920869274000Avanee T
16thOctober 2016Trail To Andharban (The Dark Forest)76666116661300Jaal
16thOctober 2016Trek To Ratangad7738073691 / 9970377855900Ravi / Yogi
16thOctober 2016Trek to Harihar9773652125/8898114024950Punit/Sachin
16thOctober 2016Trek to Harishchandragad9819299164950Amit Bhadouria
16thOctober 2016Trek to Andharban98192991641250Amit Bhadouria
16thOctober 2016Trek to One Tree Hill Matheran9819299164500Amit Bhadouria
16thOctober 2016Trek to Devkund Waterfall98192991641250Amit Bhadouria
16thOctober 2016Trek to Rajgad98192991641200Amit Bhadouria
16thOctober 2016Night Trek to Vishramgad9819299164750Amit Bhadouria
22ndOctober 2016Trek To Kalsubai7738073691 / 99703778551000Ravi / Yogi
23rdOctober 2016Day outing to Pawna lake and trek to Tikona98197659501,999Shannon Fernandes
22ndOctober 2016Dukes Nose Rappelling & 1000 feet traversing 97025254351600Yogesh
23rdOctober 2016Trek To Kohoj7738073691 / 99703778551000Ravi / Yogi
23rdOctober 2016Dukes Nose Rappelling & 1000 feet traversing 97025254351600Yogesh
22nd – 23rdOctober 2016Range Trek – Rajgad To Torna7738073691 / 99703778552100Ravi / Yogi
22nd – 23rdOctober 2016Sandhan Valley Trek99678375161500Mountrek India
22nd-23rdOctober 2016Trek To Valley of Shadows – Sandhan 76666 116661700Jaal
20th – 24thOctober 2016Gorgeous Gir981909195415000Surendra

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