Morya- Ganpati Festival @ Vinhere in Konkan, Maharashtra. By Prasad Dalvi

Ganpati Festival in Konkan, is the most celebrated, not only in Konkan Maharashtra, but also by all the other Citizens of India… The Video is an attempt to portray the Devotion of “Chakarmanee’s”, (The natives who have left the village/abode for survival towards the Town side.) coming back to celebrate the Festival of the Elephant God. The Movie shows how a Hindu joint family converges to be blessed by “Morya”- Decotrating the homes, Bringing the Ganpati idol home, setting it for 5-6 Days, Arrival of “Shankar” & “Gauri”- Ganpati’s Parents to escort him back home the next day i.e the day of “Ganpati Visarjan. And All Blessed the “Chakarmani’s rush back to the Cities for work.

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