Top 10 best cayoning places in the world

Top 10 best cayoning places in the world.
Asia is one of the most exciting destinations, with magnificent natural beauty. If you regard yourself as a tourist who wants to explore, conquer nature, you have to go some of Asia’s best places. If you are yet not decide which venue to choose for the adventure tour, this video will help you decide. Here are the top 10 places to join the cayoning tour:
1. Gitgit Waterfall – Indonesia
2. Datanla Waterfall – Da Lat – Viet Nam
3. Kawasan Fall – Philippine
4. Corsica Waterfall-
5. Mahua Waterfall – Malaysia
6. San Lorenzo Waterfall
7. Aling – Aling Waterfall – Indonesia
8. Chinchoti Waterfall – India
9. Crete Kakoperatos Canyon – Rethymno
10. Eaton Canyon – California

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