Shivdurg mitra lonavala

Shivdurg mitra lonavala
शिवदुर्ग मित्र, लोणावळा

341, Shivai, Nangargaon ,Lonavla
tal Maval, Dist Pune 410401
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Non-Governmental Organization (NGO)
Ajay Maruti Raut (President) Sivdurga Mitra Lonavala Trekking & Adventure Club
लोणावळा ग्रामीण पोलिस ठाणे : 02114-273036
लोणावळा शहर पोलिस ठाणे : 02114-273033
शिवदुर्ग मित्र ऍडव्हेंचर क्‍लब : 9822500884, 9423220828
आयएनएस शिवाजी केंद्र : 02114-284862
रुग्णवाहिका : 108, 9822010000शिवदुर्ग-मित्र-लोणावळा-1627576320858343/
Making a difference: This adventure club gets its kick out of rescuing people
Founded by Sunil Gaikwad in 1980, the aim of Shivdurga Mitra was to promote trekking, rapelling and similar adventure activities. Over the years, the club and its members have come to be well-known for their rescue operations. The club has carried out more than 350 rescue operations in the last decade. They have not just helped out humans, but the club members have also been involved in the care and protection of wild life and animal rescue operations.
Rohit Vartak of Shivdurga Mitra.
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Rescue news by the organisation

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7 lost trekkers found after 9-hr search in Lonavala hills 2013

26-year-old slips to his death at Lion’s Point 2011

Drunk man slips, falls to death in Lonavala 2011


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