Trekking groups in mumbai and pune 2017

This is work in progress .

Add groups you know in the comment .

This is a database of all the possible trekking groups in maharashtra. (we have found from the internet)

Listed by city. Is your group is not listed by city it is because you have not given your groups address anywhere on the internet


  1. Aasamant
  2. Aberrant Wanderers
  3. Add-Venture India
  4. Aquarius Peak adventure
  5. Adventures beyond Barriers
  6. Altitude Quest Adventure LLP
  7. A O Trekkers
  8. Adventure Sahyadri
  9. Adventure Lovers
  10. Adventure Pulse
  11. Ashwamedh adventures
  12. Adventure Mantra
  13. Adventure Geek
  14. Alpine Ramblers
  15. Aparaant Treks & Adventures
  16. Adventure Club Pune
  17. Audacious Hiking Club
  18. Apex Adventures
  19. BAAN Hikers
  20. Backpack Outdoors
  21. Bhatkanti Maharashtrachi
  22. Bohemian Adventures
  23. Bindaas Travellers
  24. Bhramanti365
  25. Backpackers
  26. Carvan Trips
  27. CampKraft Outdoors Co
  28. Camping Creatures
  29. Chal Nikal Pade
  30. Canvas N Chrome
  31. CrazyYatra Mumbai
  32. DarkGreen Adventures
  33. Dongri
  34. Discover Sahyadree Adventure & Outdoors
  36. durg brahmhanti treks
  37. durgvihar
  38. Ecocare Trek & Trails
  39. Eco Adventure
  40. Explorers Treks & Tours
  41. EightyDegree Adventure Sports
  42. Escapade Outdoors
  43. Explore Adventures
  44. Endless Expeditions
  45. FONA
  46. gad vede
  48. GetOut Outdoors
  49. Giritra
  51. Green Earth Adventures
  52. GO wander
  54. Heights Trekking Club
  55. Him Sahyadri Trekkers
  56. Hidden trekkers
  57. Hikerspots
  58. Hike Mates
  59. Hills and Highways
  61. Him Sahyadri Trekkers
  62. Honey Bee Adventure
  63. Huntforspot
  64. Hillary Step Trekking Club
  65. Insearch Outdoors
  66. Isolation Zone
  67. Jaanta Tiger Trekkers
  68. JIDDI Mountaineering Association
  69. Jungle Lore
  70. Kalpaviharr Traaventure
  71. Keen Venturers & Trekkers
  73. Kolhapur Hikers
  74. Life Away From Life
  75. Looneytunes Adventure
  76. Mapping Journeys
  77. Mask Adventures
  78. Midas Adventure
  79. MumbaiRangers
  80. Mid Earth
  81. Mischief Managed
  82. Mountain marks
  83. Mumbai Green Chapter
  84. Mumbai Pune Adventures
  85. Mumbai Travellers
  86. Mountain Adventure Sports
  87. MORE The Activity Hub
  88. Mahavir Tours
  89. Mumbai Escapade‎
  90. Mysterious Rangers
  91. Mumbai Trekkers
  92. Mountain Monks
  93. Nashik Hikers
  94. Nomad Hikers
  95. NaturalisT
  96. nomads adventure
  97. Nisarga Bhraman
  98. NatVentures
  99. Nirvana Adventures
  100. Nirvana Adventures kamshet
  101. National Education Foundation
  102. Ninja Camps
  103. Nisarg Premi Trekkers
  104. Nature’s Hunt TrekKing CLub
  105. Odati
  106. Owlet Outdoors
  107. OSSAM Journeys
  108. Outdoor Ventures
  109. Parvat Buddies
  110. Pravaasah holidays
  111. ProEdge Adventures
  112. Pathfindersgroup
  113. Pedal Thirst Adventures
  114. Peak Troops
  115. Pune Hiking Enthusiasts
  116. Parvatarohi Trekking Group
  117. Pravas The Journey
  118. Proboscis
  119. Places Around Pune
  120. Plus Valley Adventure
  121. Panorama Trekking & Mountaineering Trust
  122. Pugmarks Holidays
  123. Ramblers India
  124. RAW Adventure Solutions
  125. Range Adventures
  126. Rover Adventures
  127. Rocks to Roars
  128. Rivers And Ridges
  129. Sahyadri Mavale
  130. Small Steps Adventures
  131. sussat
  132. ShivDurga Trekkers
  133. Sahyavede Adventures & Outdoors LLP
  134. SG Trekkers
  135. Saad Sahyadri
  136. Sannidhya Nisargmitra
  137. Sarthi Tours
  138. Sneak Out
  139. Swadesi Treks
  140. Survivors Trekkers
  141. Shikhar Sahyadri
  142. Shikhar Vedh
  143. SAVE Tours-Treks and Travels
  144. Sahynaad Trekkers
  145. SPR Giriratna hikers
  146. Sagarmatha Giryarohan Sanatha
  147. Sumeru Trekkers
  148. Treks and Trails
  149. Travel Trikon
  150. Travel 361 Degrees
  151. Trekincredible
  152. Trek Mates
  153. TrekRoots
  154. Trekways Sahyadri
  155. The Kayakers
  156. Trek guru
  157. Trek O King
  158. Tattva adventures
  159. Travers India
  160. Thrillsafari
  161. Trek’Di Adventures
  162. Triptales
  163. Trek it easy
  164. Trekkers Journey
  165. Trek India
  166. Traveler’s Tribe
  167. Trekkie Walkie Expeditions
  168. Travel Bhandar
  169. TravelGypsies Adventures
  170. trippy trek
  171. Trekraw
  172. The DODO Traveller
  173. The Western Routes
  174. Trekkers Of Infinity
  175. trekkSPOT
  176. The Social Monks Entertainment
  177. The Westren Trekkers
  178. Thetravexplorateur
  179. The Explorers
  180. Trekking Spiders
  181. TreksandHikes
  182. Trekfit Adventures
  183. The Geepsies Adventure & trekkers
  184. Ultimate Hikers
  185. Vagabond Adventures
  186. Vrangers
  187. Vatsaru Trekkers
  188. Vyom Trekkers
  189. Varad Gunjkar Adventures
  190. Vidarbha Trekking
  191. Wide Aware
  192. Wandering Shooters
  193. Wandering Souls Riders
  194. Wanderlusters city
  195. Wild Escape
  196. Wild speed adventure
  197. Wild river adventures
  198. Wild Rangers
  199. Wild Trekkers
  200. Wild Trek Adventure
  201. Weekend trekking group
  202. WeRovers
  203. Wandering Feet 
  204. wild county adventures
  205. Xtreme Trekkers
  206. YatriSahyadri
  207. Yashwantiadventures
  208. Yuvashakti Pune
  209. Youth Adventures india
  210. ZA Adventures
  211. Ziddi travellers
  212. 99hikers


BAAN Hikers

Divakar Satam: 9821325547 (Mumbai)
Laxman Holkar : 9821709902 (Kalyan)
Kedar bansode : 9920371793 (Thane)
Swati Save : 9867993758 (Borivali)

  1. a) Your group name :-  BAAN Hikers
  1. b) Your group Facebook page  :-
  1. c) Link to Facebook event which has full details :-
  1. d) Your group website(optional) :-
  1. e) You need to send you details of your groups

BAAN Hikers

Baan Hikers was formed in the year 2008 for the people who loves to spend their time with nature. Out main motto is to take you closer to the nature, educate, respect and preserve it. With an overabundance of trekking options ranging from easy and moderate to challenging grades, there is an opportunity for every kind of trekker, be it a beginner or an expert, to satisfy his craving for an enticing trekking experience. Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far they can go.

Though trekking seems to be entertaining & adventurous, it sometimes can be dangerous. We Baan Hikers pride ourselves on having the best team, with expert knowledge in their field and we continuously spend our time in the field updating and researching, to ensure you have the best – every time!

  1. f) Date group started (optional) :- 1st June 2008
  1. g) Number of treks done till now :-  200 max
  1. h) Name of trek leaders :- Divakar Satam

Laxman Holkar

Swati Save

Kedar Bansode

Links to treks leaders profiles on facebook :-

  1. i) Qualifications of trek leaders :-

Laxman Holkar ( Basic NIM, Advance from HMI)

Divakar Satam ( Basic NIM )

(number of treks done till now,any trekking qualification NIM,HMI etc)

j)Names of founders (if different from trek leaders) :-Divakar Satam, Lalit Rane

k)Address of main group office (optional for very small groups)

46\22 BDD, Dr GM Bhosle marg, Worli, Mumbai 400018





BAAN Hikers One day trek to Matheran(Sunset point) via Dodhani (Panvel) on 13th September 2015.

Although Matheran can be accessed through various entry points, one of the most scenic route is Panvel-Matheran through Sunset point.
The base village is no less than heaven with scenic high hills covered with dark rain clouds and waterfall from the top of the hills which is truly mesmerizing. On our way we will come across a small temple with enough space around it for the group to enjoy a short break.
This route crosses a village, climb up ridges, enter in forests where due to heavy fog, one can’t see even the person walking in front. We enter Matheran through the sunset point and then traverse across Matheran to reach Dastoori from where we will take a cab to Neral station.
Details for the trek are as follows:-

Catch Panvel Slow Train
From CST: (CST 6.00 AM, Kurla 6.28, Vashi 6.47, Nerul 6.56, Panvel 7.17)
From Thane: (Thane 06.20 AM, Koparkhairane 6.37, Nerul 6.51, Panvel 7.13)
· Arrival at Panvel 7.20 am;
· Walk till Bus Depo/Hotel for breakfast 07.50 am
· Breakfast till 8.30 am;
· Travel to the base village Dodhani till 10.00 am;
· Hike to the Matheran – Sunset point
· Reach to top at 1.00 pm;
· Walk towards Matheran Market place;
· Time will be given for lunch, site seeing and shopping in the market,
· We will assemble at Matheran station 4.00 pm;
· Getting down towards Dasturi Naka 5.00pm;
· Will take taxi and reach Neral station 5.40pm;
· Then arrival at Thane station aprx.8.00 pm;
· Then arrival at Dadar station aprx.9.00 pm;

Things to be carry:-
· Shoulder Sack
· Atleast 2 Ltr. Water
· Personal Medicines (If Any)
· Shoes (Compulsory)
· Camera (Optional)
· Windcheater and extra pair of cloths

Cost of trek : Rs 300/- per head

Included in Trek:
· Transport from Panvel to Dodhani
· Breakfast
Not included:
· Train tickets fare
· Lunch
· Dastori to Neral

IMP: -Please take Single ticket of Panvel. Participant need to take ticket from Neral to their respective stations for return jurney.

Registrations are only through phone calls.

If call not attended, then please send us a message “Panvel matheran trek enquiry”. We will call you back once we are free.

For More Details & Registration Contact on These Numbers:-
Divakar Satam: 9821325547 (Mumbai)
Vishram Margaj: 9930055722 (Panvel)
Kedar Bansode: 9920371793 (Thane)
Swati Save: 9867993758 (Borivali)

For registration kindly transfer Rs 300/- per head in the following A/c

Name : Divakar K. Satam.
Bank: Saraswat Bank
Branch: Lower Parel
Account No: 331100100000273
IFSC Code: SRCB0000331

After transaction please email us transaction id along with participant’s details (name, email, session and mobile number) on

Terms and Conditions:
■ it is up to the individual to arrange their own holiday / accident insurance & each adult would be asked to sign a liability waiver.
■ BAAN Hikers hold the right to change the venue or date, of the event.
■ Event may be canceled or postponed due to natural calamity, any system error.
■ In case event place or venue is changed, BAAN Hikers will notify same to participants by phone, web and Facebook, no change in costing will be charged.
■ In case of cancellation of event, MONEY will be returned to those who have enrolled, without any cutting.