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India is not just about the Taj Mahal. In fact, it is blessed with more natural beauty then man made beauty, although that takes nothing away from the beauty of Taj Mahal or other historical monuments of India. If we talk about waterfalls, India has some of the best and most stunning waterfalls in the world.
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Chinchoti waterfall Trek – 05-Nov-2016

Chinchoti water fall is situated in dense forest of Tungareshwar, Vasai. To reach here you can catch auto from Naigaon station which is closest railway station or you will also get bus, auto till kaman fatafat from Vasai station. From kaman fata you have to walk for another 1.5 km and after that 45 min easy climb. The walkway is really peaceful & very much scenic. If you are lucky enough than you also might get chance to see some wildlife as well. Water is only available from July to Feb. No other water sources are there except this waterfall. So if you are planning to visit this jungle post Feb you must carry enough water with you. Enjoy the virtual tour of this jungle & waterfall

Top 5 best waterfalls near Mumbai must visit this monsoon.. Picnic Plans

Monsoon has almost arrived in Mumbai. And while several of us are dreading the annual shutting down of train services, we are also kinda looking forward to taking that day off and making the most out of it. Mumbai offers several options for single-day picnics but if it’s waterfalls you’re looking for, you may have to travel a little bit more. Here are five of our favorite waterfalls near Mumbai that really just come alive during the rains.

1. Tungareshwar Waterfalls
2. Bushi Dam
3. Bhivpuri Waterfalls
4. Chinchoti Waterfalls
5. Malshej Ghats

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