Other Hotels in Margoa

We checked out many other hotels .All lacked something or the other  ie the view,location ,room quality (it all depends on what you can pay for )

Goa woodlands is the classiest and costliest of the group. With no non ac rooms. The reception guys were also snooty (because we were casually dressed) . Dress well and be ready to spend if you wanna stay here.

Hotel Duttraj was ok but no view as it is located in the market

Hotel lotus inn is ok but as costly as hotel tanish

Hotel Milan was the cheapest but it was too close to the railway station and did not like the dusty locals and all hotels near the railways station were super hot in the afternoons.

Sea Gull resort is awesome i you plan to sea near mobor/betal south goa away from the city . They were the only resort open for lunch at 2.30 pm in that area(all places close after 3 pm. but this area betal does not have many place . The other place in betal is hotel mayfair)



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Hotel Tanish – Margoa

This is the first placed we stayed. The please has the best view in margoa. A total business hotel. So dont expect very friendly hosts.

Hotel Tanish
Ground Floor, Reliance Trade Centre, Varde Valaulikar Road, Margao, Salcette, Varde Valaulikar Road, Goa, 403601


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Hotel Gomati – Margo

We like this place better then the other hotels as the staff was very friendly and helpful (esp the manager Herman Rodrigues) . Who told us about the various places to visit around goa.

This place is located near goa residency (the govt run hotel with irritating touts and taxi driver in front of it ) . You will see the Punjab sind shop on the left and then comes the petrol pump and then comes the hotel gomati building.
western toilet,

Gomati Hotel, Margao, Goa
Behind Fatima Convent High School
Near ICICI Bank
Goa – 403601

Google maps have the position set incorrectly

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Beach Walk from Benaulim to Betalbatim

We started at 10 am from taj benaulim (this is further away from benaluim which is a 30 min walk from taj benaulim)

we stopped on the way to buy some water and soft drinks.

The life guards all are from drishti and are doing a great job and have communication equipment to co-ordinate rescue.This was not there in 2003.

Taj Benaulim -> Benaulim /Banavali? -> Colva -> Betal Batim

Some travellers were riding their bikes on the beach so it looks like there is a cycle shop in colva which rents out these cycles.

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Lunch at Martin’s Corner – betalbatim feb 2012

We walked from benaulim to betalbatim then another 15 minutes from the beach to Martins corner (most of the life guards on the beach do not know where place is located)

The place has some of the best goan food. Thank to Herman Rodrigues manager of hotel Gomati ,margoa for suggesting we try out this place.

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lunch at hotel ajanta ,panaji

The day we went for the carnival .We were in search for a good place to eat.we did not want to try the western places with blaring music or the mumbai style classy places with north indian food. we cant to try local konknani food.

I always try to eat local in any place i visit

A local guy was really helpful and suggested hotel ajanta which is near the bridge where the carnival was being held.This please has really good sea food and the price of the meals are really good for budget travellers like us .

Hotel Ajanta 496/- for two
Fish Thali
dry prawns
king fish curry

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breakfast at Janta hotel ,margoa day 3

On sunday we found all the places to eat closed in margoa. This is weird for us mumbaikaars where sunday is the day for the biggest business. But i guess the day of rest is taken seriously here

so bombay cafe and venice was closed. So we found Janta Cafe opposite to bombay cafe on the market road

the place is usually empty even when the bombay cafe is closed.

we had parota (laccha parathi) and omletter and kheema pav (now if you go on another day do not expect to find kheema , we went again another time and find they were out of kheema and had only chicken)

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