Trekking at Irshalgad 2015

Irshalgad Trek 2015

Thakur Institute of Management Studies Career Development and Research organised a trek to a place called Irshalgad which is Mountain range located between Panvel and Matheran in Maharashtra. Situated at an elevation of 4000+ feet above sea level, it ceases to appear like a fort and appears instead like a Peak.
There were approximately 150 students accompanied by 10 Professors and also our ma’am andHead of Director, Vinita Gaikwad all of which who were active participation. The trip to the top was filled with excitement as students and professors alike were thrilled. The trip started at the base in the village called Irshalwadi from where it took about 2 plus hours for the students and professors to reach the top of the peak. The Trip was filled with Fogy Mountains, cut-rock Cisterns, Lush greenery and the slippery road all of which contributed to a mesmerizing trip and in the end the view was enchanting.

one day trek to Irshalgad

We went to Irshalgad ridge in the first week of december. It is situated on left side of Panvel Karjath road. we reached Panvel by 8am. We reached Chowk village junction on mumbai Pune old high way by share auto from Panvel. We started our walk from chowk station by 9 am. Cool morning walk through the nice village with a beautiful view of Irshalgad. In half an hour we reached the edge of the village. The first stage of the walk is to Irshalwadi, which is situated very close to the ridge. We reached this remote village by 11 am. On the left you can see a great view of Morbe dam. View is better in the evening.

Weekend Getaways | Ishalgad

No road link, a secluded village, beautiful…. It feels like rediscovering a long lost civilisation. Irshalgad is located near Panvel – Karjat National Highway NH4. Best time to visit is in the monsoon season

The 3.4 kilometre, 2 hour trek to Irshalgad is an easy, child friendly trail. Nevertheless, this easy trail enchants with some magnificent views over Morbe reservoir, Prabalgad and Matheran plateaus. We rate this as the most beautiful yet easy treks in and around Karjat.

HOW TO REACH – If travelling by your own vehicle look out for Karja village near Chowk town. Chowk town lies on NH4 that connects Panvel with Karjat.

Chowk also has a train station (Station code CHOK) . (Pune – Bhusaval express) stops at Chowk train station. From Chowk, Karja village (the starting point of this trek) is a comfortable 2.3 kilometres walk. From Karja village you follow a wide well defined path till Irshalwadi village. The path climbs a steep ridge and then tapers to an easy ascend till Irshalwadi.