Koraigad Fort

This is the description of what you will see on Koraigad. It was nice beginning of this year with a good trek on Koraigad. Please do not forget to put comments if you plan to go there.

Koraigad Trek

1)The video shows the complete trek to Koraigad right from Lonavala to the top of Koraigad fort. All small clips have been joined to make this complete video. Video taken on 02-JULY-2016. It was raining heavily, winds blowing gustily and visibility was very low, so the quality of video is not very great. I hired a local guide and a villager accompanied till the steps of fort.
2) I have been to many treks but this was a unique experience as the water was gushing through out till the top and walking in that cold water was a different experience.
3) Things to look for on top were Shiv , Ganpati and Korai mata mandir. The view of Sahara Amby valley, The Airstrip of Sahara Amby Valley.
4) There are large water tanks above which are big enough to store water through out the year.
5) Lastly just thought of sharing my experience so made this video. Please Comment if you liked it.