The huge plateau over the mountain is about 5-6 km. It looks beautiful in monsoon. There is a temple of Shambhu Mahadeo on Rayreshwar. This temple is situated rather deep in the interior, hence not seen in first glance. Recently a village has been situated on this plateau. We find many rice fields on this plateau. We can see Pandavgad, Vairatgad, Pachgani, Mahabaleshwar, Kolheshwar, Rajgad, Lingana, Rajgad, Torna, Sinhagad, Vichitragad, Purandar, Rudramal, Chandragad and Mangalgad from this fort

Raireshwar Pathar

Raireshwar is situated in Bhor Taluka near Pune. Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj took the oath of Swarajya in this temple at the age of 16 in 1645 and then created history.
It is very beautiful place to visit during June to February. Distance from Pune is 82 km. Pune – Bhor 56 km. Bhor – Korle 20 km. Korle – Raireshwar 6 km. many people come here for camping too and the villagers can help in accommodation and food on the plateau. You get lovely Mahrashtrian Bhakri along with Pithla and Tak (Buttermilk).


Glimpses of Raireshwar to Nakhind…….. Exploration

Some memories from Trek Raireshwar to Kamathe on 26-27th February 2016, by Team “Western Trekkers”

Trek planning, Route mapping and reading well managed by our trek planner Pavan Uday Patil….. All credits goes to Pavan….. Finally his 6 months dream came true

Team Members:- Pavan, Rohan, Kiran, YMS, Pranav, Nikhil, Akash, Bhushan, Rohit and Me

Exploration :-

1) Nakhind Tok
2) Nakhind to Aswalkhind Naal

Trek Route :-

Raireshwar – Kawlyachi Dhar – Nakhind – Nakhind Tok – Naal towards AswalKhind Base – Aswalkhind – Baltich Pani (No water available now) – Kamathe