Google spreadsheet posting help

  1. Google spreadsheet is a free service offered by mumbaihikers or all paid membership trekking groups .Please read the details here 
  2. Groups are sent the link to the google spreadsheet when they register with mumbaihikers.
  3. You need to first create your event on or
  4. Copy the event from the top address bar after you create the event on or
  5. If your event is on the 15th october .Choose an event in the list which shows 15th 16th . Click Insert > row above .This will add a new cell in the spreadsheet .Enter the date ,location,contact,name,cost .
  6. Please DO NOT ADD group name or initials in location . DO not add date in location .
  7. Cost . only add the number 1500 . do not add 1500/-
  8. location. Type in the location . Select the call . Click insert > link add the link you got from or event . do not add links to any other site and anywhere else in the spreadsheet.DO NOT add your group name or anything else apart from the destination name in the location cell.
  9. Be careful to only edit your event. As it is difficult to reverse changes . You group can be banned after 2 warning for wrongly editing or deleteing other groups event.There is a edit history so we know exactly who edits what on the spreadsheet.