NGOs in Nagpur pro poor

Apang Va Niradhar Bahuddeshiya Kalyankari Sanstha, Nagpur

Mission:To strive for the betterment of physically and mentally challenged people.
To provide education through non-formal methods of training to street children.

Apang Va Niradhar Bahuddeshiya Kalyankari Sansthan, Nagpur

Mission:To provide formal and non-formal training to the mentally retarded.
To work for the rehabilitation on the disabled by training them to be self-dependent.
To promote income generation programmes and to impart vocational training to the disabled.
To provide residential facilities to the mentally handicapped.

Bharatiya Adim Jati Sewak Sangh, Nagpur

Mission:To provide counselling to the disadvantaged and socially marginalised sections of the society.

Bhartiya Adimjati Sevak Sangh, Nagpur

Mission:To provide professional services to the craftsmen and rural artisans to improve their productivity, market access and income generation capability.

Community Development Society, Nagpur

Mission:To operate the revolving credit scheme for poor entrepreneurs for socio-economic empowerment and self-employment.
To promote programmes that would enable individuals to increase their family income and to lead a happy and dignified life.
To co-operate with the government in poverty alleviation programmes.

Ekatmakta Samajik Shikshan Mandal, Nagpur

Mission:To establish de-addiction centres for alcoholics and drug addicts.
To take part in various social welfare activities thereby bringing about overall development of the community.

HelpAge India, Nagpur

Mission:To foster the welfare of the aged in India especially the needy aged.
To raise funds for projects which assist the elderly irrespective of cast or creed.
To create in the younger generation and in society a social awareness about the problems of the elderly in India today.

Indian Cancer Society, Nagpur

Mission:To undertake total care of the poor cancer patients of our country by proferring food, medicines, transport, prostheses, colostomy bags, counseling services, social welfare and job placement services.
To help cancer patients to be self- employed particularly those who come from the rural areas.

Institute of Integrated Development, Nagpur

Mission:To promote primary health care, disabled welfare, eye care and human development in urban slums and rural areas in and around Nagpur.

Nagpur Institute for Civil Preparedness

Mission:To provide counselling to people in order to make them able to solve the problems of society through logic and belief.

Peoples’ Rights Education Movement, Nagpur

Mission:To promote basic human rights.
To enlighten, enable, educate, and liberate the marginalised community.

Prakriti, Nagpur

Mission:To create awareness among women as well as men on issue affecting their development and growth, dignity and self respect.
To identify potential women partners to generate leadership and initiate programs of social regeneration.
To function as a documentation cum information dissemination center to small groups on gender related issues.
To function as a linking organization of women at local, regional, state and national level to help enhancing their skills, understanding, abilities and capacities for social transformations.
To undertake training of women workers on goal, concepts, skills attitudes towards their empowerment.
To support and promote partners to develop programs related to women and their development and create an environment conducive to their growth, dignity and self-respect.

Rotary Club of Nagpur North Hills

Mission:To concentrate on the activities that enhance health, nutrition and education of children and women.
To create awareness programs on menopause, breast cancer, hypertension and diabetes especially among women.

Swami Vivekananda Medical Mission, Nagpur

Mission:To work for the welfare and development of the community.
To provide better health care facilities for the needy.

Vanvasi Kalyan Ashram, Nagpur

Mission:To work for the welfare and development of the tribal community.

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