Trekking shoes in mumbai

september 2016. Buy action trekking shoes online from amazon for cash on delivery and they will send you the shoe

Shoes choices
Prices are not 2013 prices . Please comment if you buy these in 2013

Action hiking shoes  Mumbai 
1) Action hiking shoes outdoors with ankle support 800 rs  2013(shared by Parag Adkar Pune and Ajay Pradhan Mumbai)
 action (now known as campus) trekking shoes
action trekking comes in 2 variation 
699 without ankle support  — Vinayak P Gawade 
799 with ankle support — Vinayak P Gawade 

Review of the shoes (marathi)

“Action” Trekking shoes for 650/-. (2009) it looks more comfortable then Hunter, has rubberised soles for grip, and air ventilation for the comfort.
“Action” also have a high ankle version of the same but it is not available here in the local market. (updated july 2009)
When allocating your backpacking budget, boots should be your first priority. A good pair of boots is expensive, but there are a few reasons that I advise spending money on them. First off, a good pair of boots is usable in many situations other than backpacking. If you decide at some point that backpacking isn’t for you, you can still use them for tramping through snow to work or school, yard work, wood working, construction, camping, hiking, or any time your feet need protecting. A good pair of boots allows you to do a wide range of things safely, and it’s good to have one around. Secondly, if you take care of them and don’t lose them, a good pair of boots will last you 10+ years. The pair of boots I bought when I was 13 lasted me through my first year of college (when I lost them.) Thirdly, no matter where or under what conditions you are hiking, the quality of your boots will have a big impact on how much you enjoy yourself. If your boots don’t work well for you, you’re likely to be wincing along with blistered heels, soggy feet, and in danger of spraining your ankles. If your feet are still growing I’d recommend borrowing a pair, or buying them off someone who has grown out of them. There are other things where it is worth it to spend money, but boots are the least borrowable.


Wear a pair of wool socks over a pair of polypropylene liner socks. Don’t wear cotton. The wool and polypropylene will keep your feet dry and cushioned. The liners will absorb most of the friction of your foot moving around and help prevent blisters.

from How to Backpack Starting From Scratch

6 comments on “Trekking shoes in mumbai

  1. Wonderful blog! Was looking out for something like this. Recently bit by the trekking keeda, went to a few treks- simple and tough. My Woodlands are a piece of crap..though they are sturdy and comfortable..they offer zero grip on slippery and wet surfaces.

  2. haha yeah i had the same problem with my woodlands.Also the imported sierra came apart.

    Now with the action ones 600-650 i can really enjoy the slippery slopes 🙂 .

  3. Could anybody kindly help me with the exact price of this Lowa Banffs boots in Indian rupee? And do I need to import it? Coz if its not available in the Indian market, preferably Kolkata, it might mot be possible for me to buy them. So please also let me know where can I have’em in the local market.

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