mangi-tungi, salher mulher, and kavnai pics.

mangi-tungi, salher mulher, and kavnai pics.

This was a totally hectic trek, as we were disturbed twice by the kasara ghat. It took us 9 hrs till nasik on Friday night. Whereas 7 hrs to get back from there in the Sunday eves.
These forts are situated in the baglan region, just at the maharashtra-gujrat border and nasik dhule border. The total distance of around 350 kms from Mumbai… and around 10-12 hrs traveling (if the kasara ghat is clear.), else… god help u.
Ppl here speak a mix of hindi,marathi and gujrathi language, known as ’ahirani’.
This was a good experience, which included a lot of things like walking for 5-7 kms in the ghats, getting companied with a jain family at the ashram near mangi tungi, a many-break journey(thane-bhiwandi-kasara-nasik-satana-taharabad-mulher-salher) till the forts, and the most interesting was the monkey attack on three of us, and the efforts of getting rid of them.
Here are the pics of the event.

Anyways, these are beautiful treks, and can be done in these rains.

also here are the pics of kavnai fort we did 2-3 months ago. sorry for being late at those.

Nilesh patil

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