Trek to Prabalgad & Kalwantin Durg on 8th June 2008

Dear All,

After a long long gap .. I have planned to do a one day trek coming sunday i.e. on 8th June 2008… so finally here one & near one …

Brief Introduction about Prabalgad / Kalwantin Durg: –

Height: 2300 ft
Grade: Prabalgad Easy … Kalwantin Medium
Time: ~ 3 hrs from Thakurwadi, Base Village
Location: Prabalgad is a fort located near Panvel..

Fort Prabalgad is situated on northeast side of Panvel, on Mumbai-Pune road. Can see it from express highway a V-Shaped one. The Left one is Kalwantin Durg & right side is Prabalgad. But there is a dense forest on the way till the the top of fort Prabal. Historical references indicate that Freedom fighter Umaji Naik made a stay here in 1826.

Journey Details: –

The bus scheduled @ 07:00 hrs from Panvel bus depo that will drop us at Thakurwadi around 07:30 Hrs.
Pls be sure about the timing …its sharp 7 am …
Get down @ last stop …

Trek Details: –

08:00 Hrs — Move towards Prabalgad fort from Thakurwadi village …
09:00 Hrs — @ Thakarwadi … 1st Halt … BreakFast Time …
11:00 Hrs — on Top of fort … by taking right side route … where left side one goes for Kalwantin

I guess 2 hrs for Fort Exploration, Lunch etc. is enough.

We will descend the fort around 13:30 Hrs …

15:00 Hrs — @ Thakarwadi
15:45 Hrs — @ Kalwantin Durg Pinnacle

Kalwantin durg pinnacle is tougher than Prabalgad.
it has some rock cut steps intially. & then few more but mittiwala near the pinnacle … will be slippery … but real adventure …
hopefully we are going to scale them …
just check da following link about Kalwantin …

Kalavanti & Prabal Fort

2 comments on “Trek to Prabalgad & Kalwantin Durg on 8th June 2008

  1. Hi Jagdish,

    Nice Info Man!

    The information u have provided is really very helpful from other available on the net.

    We planning to go.
    Is rainy season is good to have this two treks?

    Thanks! info will be very helpful to us.

  2. hi jagdish….
    for prabalgad, thakurwadi is the base village you said . pleas tell me , this is the same thakurwadi which while going to puna-lonavala
    local train rout? is the thakurwadi is railway station ?
    i stay’s in poona …we friend want to go there .
    reply me on

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