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Active; focal plane 33 m (108 ft); white flash every 3 s. 16 m (52 ft) square cylindrical masonry tower with lantern and gallery, attached to the front of a 2-story masonry keeper’s house. Tower painted with black and white horizontal bands; lantern dome painted red.
Ruins of the early 16th century Korlai fort, built in a successful campaign to expel the Portuguese from Chaul, are on the hill above the lighthouse; a long stairway connects the fort and the light station. Located on a promontory about 18 km (11 mi) south of Alibag and 40 km (25 mi) south of the Mumbai (Bombay) metropolitan area. Site open, tower closed. ARLHS IND-081; Admiralty F0568; NGA 27928.
Info from : www.unc.edu/~rowlett/lighthouse/indsw.htm



Korlai light house 164 km
Revadanda, India
Coordinates: 18°32’18″N 72°54’21″E
korlai fort
Coordinates: 18°32’9″N 72°54’29″E

Khar Railway Station Road, Khar West, Mumbai, Maharashtra

korlai, Raigarh, Maharashtra

Distance: 111kms
Time: 3 hrs
Total Distance:

Total Fare:

* Coffee along Airport Road, Bangalore
* Spencers Plaza, Chennai
* Eden Gardens, Kolkata


* From Red Fort, Delhi to Rashtrapathi Bhavan, Delhi via India Gate, Delhi
* ATMs along Hi Tech City, Hyderabad to Electronics City, Bangalore

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* Bus from Chatrapati Shivaji Terminal, Mumbai to Andheri
* Public Transit from Central Secretariat, Delhi to Indraprastha Metro Station

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Straight(<100m) on Khar Railway Station Rd going toward 1st Rd
1st Left onto 1st Rd, go <100m
1st Left (past Hanuman Temple on the left) onto Swami Vivekanand Rd, go 0.6 km.
Enter Bandra West.
At Samant Chowk, take 1st exit onto Swami Vivekanand Rd, go 1 km overall
Take Slight Left (past Bandra Urdu High School and College on the left), go <100m
Continue down Ali Yawar Jung Marg(NH8 Hwy): 0.4 km (Past Bandra Urdu High School and College on the left).
Enter Bandra East.
Slight 1st Left onto Ali Yawar Jung Marg, go 0.4 km
1st Right (past ONGC Building on the left) onto Sion Bandra Link Rd, go 1 km.
Via Dharavi. Enter Bandra East.
3rd Left onto Dharavi Sion Rd, go 0.5 km.
Via Dharavi. Enter Bandra East.
Continue down Sion Station Rd: 1 km.
Via Dharavi. Enter Sion.
Left (past Ashray Hotel on the left) onto Eastern Expy(NH3 Hwy), go 2 km.
Via Chuna Bhati. Enter Guru Teg Bahadur Nagar.
At Priyadarshini Chowk, take 1st exit onto Eastern Expy(NH3 Hwy), go 0.2 km overall.
Via Chuna Bhati. Enter Guru Teg Bahadur Nagar.
Slight 1st Right onto Vn Purav East Marg, go 3 km.
Enter Chembur.
At Shivaji Maharaj Chowk, take 2nd exit onto Shivaji Maharaj Chowk, go <100m overall.
Enter Govandi.
1st Left onto Vn Purav East Marg, go 1.1 km
Continue down Bombay Panvel Rd: 2.5 km (Past SJV Udyan on the left).
Enter Mankhurd.
Continue down Sion Panvel Expy: 5.8 km.
Via Thane District at 4.4 km.
Enter Navi Mumbai at 5.6 km.
Straight (Keep Right) on Sion Panvel Expy flyover, go 16 km.
Via Sanpada. Enter Vashi.
At roundabout, take 2nd exit onto Mumbai Pune Rd(NH4 Hwy), go 6.9 km overall.
Via Panvel West. Enter Bhigari Panvel.
Slight Right (past Petrol Pump on the left) onto NH17 Hwy, go 16 km.
Enter Raigarh District.
Right onto NH17 Hwy, go 17 km
Continue down NH4B Hwy: 2.5 km
Left onto NH4B Hwy, go 5.4 km
Left onto SH86 Hwy, go 0.7 km
1st Right onto SH89 Hwy, go 9 km
Slight Right onto SH89 Hwy, go 1.5 km
1st Left onto SH90 Hwy, go 0.9 km
Take 1st Right, go 5 km
Left onto SH4 Hwy, go 0.5 km
2nd Right onto SH4 Hwy, go 0.9 km
Slight 1st Left onto SH4 Hwy, go 3.7 km
Slight Right onto SH4 Hwy, go 2.7 km
Arrive at destination

Nagao beach is one of the longest beach about 16 Km long near Alibag. It is one of the most enjoyable place and not very much expensive. One of the cheapest Banglow of Mr. Gurav(Ph. 02141 245343) is in Nagaon is available at very low price i.e at Rs 700/- per day for 6 persons. It is independent Banglow and it can accomodated upo 20 persons at atme. it is very best & beautiful place for Group Party.
(I have visit the said place with family 3 times)



Korlai (Murud Peta; 18°30′ N, 72°50′ E; p. 1,494; RS. Khopoli, 96 m.) lies opposite Revdanda, at the west point of the left or south bank of the Roha creek. It is almost an island, a narrow rocky ridge about 300 feet high which stretches north-west half across the river. Inside of the ridge, hid in a grove of coco-palms, lies the large village of Korlai. From the top of Korlai hill, which is 271 feet high, to the level of the beach in the extreme north, the crest of the ridge is flanked by walls, defences strengthened by an outwork on the rocks just above sea level, and by three cross walls and towers between the outwork on the sea and the main fortifications on the top of the hill. These walls are almost dilapidated at present. Mr. Nairne considered it the most interesting Portuguese fortification in British Konkan. [ Nairne’s Konkan, 61.]

The fort is 2,828 feet long, and its average breadth is eighty-nine feet. The enclosing wall was 5′ 3″ high and was loopholed into 305 battlements for musketry. It is entered by eleven gates, of which four are outer and seven are inner.




By Ferry
You can also reach Alibag by Sea. Ferry wharf at ‘Bhaucha Dhakka’ in Mumbai is where launch service to Revas port (23 km from Alibag) is available from 06.00A.M to 06.00P.M. The journey takes 1 % hours. The frequency is almost every hour, both ways. The timetable changes slightly to suit high tide and low ebb timings, though there is advance announcement of timetable for the coming week. Reservation facility is also available. The journey is fairly comfortable and is a unique experience. Each launch carries 100-125 passengers. Tea, cold drinks, snacks are provided on board and also film music is played on the cassette player !

The other sea rout to Alibag is from Gateway of India in Mumbai to Mandwa port, 19 km off Alibag.

Private catamaran services run by PNP, Maldar, Ajanta and launch services by Ajanta, Al-Siddiq take you to Mandwa port in 50 to 60 minutes. Your fare includes bus service from Mandwa to Alibag, which takes another 30 minutes or so. You can avail these services e

xcept in rainy season.



Now this part was both thrilling and difficult. Thrilling – coz I read multiple trip blogs, saw pics, tried to get feel of the route on G Earth and just dreamt of the day when I will make it happen. Difficult – coz it was painful to think about work and adding to that my collgs would get irritated with me glued on g maps/wikimapia.

But then, who the hell cares about ‘nay sayers’. Anyways, babies need to grow up before they understand what maketh a man. Just kidding. So, I have the route sorted out with necessary details for making the trip, though few more details are on the way.

Here is the sneak preview:

– Reach Belapur by 7:00 AM

– Take Uran road, cross a creek bridge and continue till the road crosses JNPT road at a junction. (distance 6 KM from Hexaware Busstop)

– Change to JNPT road at the junction and head to Karanja Jetty (20 KM)

– Take ferry from Karana Jetty to Revas.

– From Revas Jetty take left and continue on the road to reach a road junction near Mandave Village (7KM). Head to Alibaug (16 km).

– In Alibaug, go to Bus Stand à Alibaug Mahanagar palika à RCF ground and continue on that road till SAHAN village (6 KM)

– Leave the main road at Sahan Village, take right turn à cross bridge (Hatale-Palhe) to reach Shashtri nagar (3KM)

– After reaching Shashtri nagar take left and head to Revdanda. (9KM)

– On the way, cross SALAV bridge and take left and move to KORLAI fort & Light house (3Km)

– Later, head to BORLI village and straight to Kashid Beach From Kashid beach move towards MURUD [via Nandgaon-Vihoor] (25 KM)

– From Murud, go to Rajapuri Jettyà take a ferry to DIGHI

– From DIGHI jetty, head to Deve Agar [via Dighi village – Harvit – Vadavali – Shishte – Borli – Dive Agar Village] 14 KM

– From Deve Agar take the road hugging sea straight to Shrivardhan [via Baradkhol gaon – Shekhadi – Walawati] 13 Km. Stop at Dr. Tambe’s farm to visit Beach on the way and then head to Shrivardhan

– Head to Harihareshwar (coastal route around the creek) [via Jaswali – Ranwali-Galsure-Saigaon-Kurawade – Harihareshwar– this route is a long route] For short route (sandy road): ask for Kolmandla road before reaching Saigaon. 15 Km via short route /22 Km via long route.

– Reach Bagmadla and take ferry to Bhankot and then head to Velas (visit turtle resting place) From Velas go to the Velas/Ashapura Jetty (8 KM) and cross to Kelshi.

– Then head to Anjarle (road hugging sea) 12 KM, followed by Harnai (visit light house) 7 KM

– From Harnai take the road to Dapoli à Dabhol

– Dabhol à Guhagar (Ferry required?)

– The Guhagar à Palshet à Velneshwar à Hedvi

– Head to Kudali [Hedvi –Padval- Kudali] At Kudali, take ferry to Jambhari OR Jaigarh.

– OR

– From Hedvi, go to Narvan VillageàTavsal jettyà Take ferry to Jaigarh

– From Jaigarh, visit ambavadi beach and sandkhol beach near by (3-4 kms)

– For Sankhol beach, take a left from Lavgan bus stop.

– Resume journey from Lavgan bus stop towards Varavde Village (remain closer to the sea). Cross the Varvade-Malgund bridge and head to Malgund.

– In Malgund, head to Ganaptiphule temple & beach. Then head to Krishnali resort.

– From Krishnali resort, head to Warewadi villageà cross the aaray gaon bridge

– Head to [via Aarey gaon – Basani – Sakhatar (cross bridge)- Shirgaon] to reach Ratnagiri

– Take the bridge towards Bhatye beach/ Kohinoor resort and head towards

– Laxminagar – finolex pipes – golap – to reach Ranpar beach (near golap)

– Later head to Vijaya durg fort [Pawas village – take left for Ganesh gule beach – Mervi – purnagardh bridge – Kasheli – Wadaepeth adivare – Ambewadi – Nate

– From Nate move towards sea – Bandchawada – visit the small beach there.

– Return back to Nate village head to Vijayadurg [cross nate-jaitput bridge -Mithagavane/Madban – Bakale – cross bridge – danda gaon – cross bridge – Bhadewadi – cross bridge – Nakherewadi village – Sagave/vadap vadi – take ferry to Vijaydurg jetty]

– Head to Vijayadurg fort à {if time to visit beach take right at Rameshwar wadi} else head straight to GiryeàPural Kotharwadi àWada Konkanàcross bridge and head to Devgarh

– From Devgarh, take Mith Mumbari bridge à Kunkeshwar Dev/Katwan Village à Mithbav (mithbav bridge)àtake leftà Naringre à Head straight to Achara (cross bridge) à Sadewadi àKambli wadi-cross bridge àRane wadi àKolamb àcross bridge to enter Malvanà Head to Sindhudurg fort àvisit tarkarli beach à ride to Deobag beach.

IMP: Inquire for houseboat stay and also for snorkeling near sindhudurg.

– From Devbag beach return to tarkarli Bandar and move along the creek till you reach Karli river bridgeàParule Bazar àBhogwe BeachàShriram Wadi/Nivatià

– Visit the Nivati Beach and then move along the creek to thakur vadi/konkar wadi àMhapanàGawdeàKelusàcross bridge on river munagi àTendoliàWayangani à Revndekar WadiàVengurla

– In Vengurlaà go to MSRTC bus stop and head south from there with sea on your rightà Ubhadanda àNahiciad Village àtake left àBagkarwadi àShiroda àCross bridgeà Redià visit terekol fort/hotel/church and then head to the ferry wharf nearby.

– Cross to Kerim Beachà Palyem village àMandrem àMorjim à cross the Siolim Chopdem bridgeà St. Anthony Church (Siolim) à

Bike Spares to take along
Headlamp/tail lamp bulb
Spark plug
Brake, accelerator and clutch cables
Clutch/brake levers and yokes
Sprocket Chain lock
Fuel line/pipe and filter (these connect the fuel tank to the carburetor)
Tool kit (this has to be apart from the one already present in the bike)
Puncture repair kit (Puncture patches, rubber solution, foot pump)
Front and rear tyre tubes
Important nuts and bolts/screws (check with your mechanic/service center)
Oil dispenser(budli) for oiling chain (available on hand carts on Laxmi Road)
Brake pads (optional)
Bike User manual
All relevant bike papers (NOC not required) like valid insurance, RC/TC, PUC, license. Copies of all the papers to be maintained separately.
Sand paper (to clean spark plug) or spark plug cleaning tool
Tyre valve key (required to open the valve in case of a puncture)
Electrical tape/cello tape
Old toothbrush to clean carburetor if required
Thermocol cutter blade
Helmet with a new/scratchless visor
Engine Oil-1/2 liter common across all bikes. 2T oil in case the bike is 2 stroke.
Know-how of where, when and how to use all these
Don’t bother about carrying engine oil too much. An oil change before the trip will last the entire trip unless there is something wrong with the bike. Carry the half liter engine oil only for emergencies and chain lubrication purposes.

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