Giriviraj Hikers Gorakhgad via Kalyan to Murbad 5th 6th Sept 2009

Dear Friends,
GIRIVIRAJ HIKERS has arranged a trek to Gorakhgad via Kalyan to Murbad.
This route is very beautiful. From Malshej village to Dehari village to Gorakhgad.. This is a small hill jutted out of the main range. Simple walk, spacious cave at the base of the pinnacle, good drinking water makes it a place of visit for many trekkers. To reach Gorakhgad, take a bus to Murbad. Regular S.T. service is available for Murbad from Kalyan. From Murbad then take a bus to Dehari. Two hours climb from Dehari will take you to the summit. Reaching the cave is quite an easy trek. However, if one wishes to go to the top in the temple, then one will have to be a bit careful covering the rest patch! It’s a thrill……enjoy it! Reaching the top of the Gorakhgad is a nice thrill that one should enjoy, except in the monsoon! The view around, is Wonderful……..Siddhagad in the south-west and Naneghat, Jivdhan, Dhakoba in the east, offers a nice panorama.
Spacious cave to have a stay is another attraction of Gorakhgad
At a Glance
Trek -Gorakhgad
Height above mean sea level – 2140 feet
Base Village -Dehari
Transport Kalyan to Murbad by bus, Murbad to Dehari by bus
Time to reach the top -About 2 hours from the base
Shelter -Caves at the top
Per Person – Rs 250/include traveling, nasta,lunch tea,
For duration -5th sept late night to 6th sept completed track
safety features -1 additions per of cloth , camera (in on risk), battery new paper , 1 1/2 water bottle tracking shoe bag should be carry pack in rainy condition .
For more details call me on 9930409177 and 9967686828 or email me

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