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Ambagad Fort

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Ambagad hills : The lowest and most northerly of these hill ranges is the Ambagad range. It is and extreme outlier of the Satpudas running with a WNW-ESE trend in the extreme north-west of the district area to the north and west of the Wainganga. It separates the valley of the Bawanthari river from that of the Wainganga.

There is wide gap, with a width of about 3 km. wide in the Ambagad range, just east of the spur of the Ambagad fort; it is drained by the Amabagad nadi, and is used by the Tumsar Katangi road and railway.


This medieval period fort is situated in tumsar taluka and about 13 km away from tumsar in the dist. Fort was constructed by Raja Khan Pathan , the subhedar of Bakht buland shah ,the ruler of devgadh around 1700 A. D. Later it came under possession of Raja Raghuji Bhosla of Nagpur who used as prison for captives . Later on it had taken over by British.

The Fort Of Ambagad Is Located In The Interiors Of Vidarbha Region-near Amravati.

one in Devagad fort and the other m Ambagad fort

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