The fort of-Amner, often called Jilpi Amner is in Melghat tahsil and occupies an elevated position immediately overlooking the waters of the Garga and the Tapi at their confluence. It is a compact-looking quadrangular building of brick and mud pointed with mortar. The walls are flanked by four bastions of the same material, and enclose about half a hectare (an acre) of ground. To-day the fort is amidst ruins and the walls are crumbling down. Around, there is a dense and wild forest growth which completely hides the view of the fort. The west angle is occupied by a mosque, which, with its minarets towering above the rest of the fort, presents a rather picturesque object. There is only one approach, that from the north-west, on a level with the left bank of the Tapi, which, though entirely of earth, is very steep. The gateway and a portion of the ramparts were destroyed in 1858. At the same time the guns, four or five in number, were removed. It lay in the line of Tatya Tope’s retreat at the close of the War of Independence of 1857 and subsequently when Tantya Bhil was harassing the surrounding country with his raids, a police watch was established here under the command of the late Raja Khuman Singh, without, however, very much effect.

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