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4th Fort Conservation PRACTICALS Workshop

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4th Fort Conservation PRACTICALS Workshop on 18th May 2008, Sunday at Kille Vasai

One of the trickiest dilemas we all face while conducting Fort Conservation activities is the lack of thorough & precise knowledge about the Architectures/Sciences that our valiant ancestors had applied hundreds of years back, while constructing the 400+ Forts in Maharashtra. Due to this ignorance on our part, there is a good possibility that we may actually end up harming the fort structures & permanently conceal any vital scientific/historical evidences in our humble attempts to strengthen/repair the heritage structures. Yet, if we give up these conservational activities, then it wont be long that there will be NO FORTS LEFT at all in Maharashtra even in the next 5 years (considering the grim reality that barely 20% of our Historical Fort Structures exist as of now).

This makes it even more URGENT & important that we carry out Fort Conservational Activities based on a simple-point procedure that conserves the heritage structures without destroying its originality & the scientific/historical secrets that they hold within them, even though we may not actually be able to decipher or understand these secrets as of now.

The Fort Conservation Workshops (since Jan 2006) have provided a common platform for fort-lovers (hailing from various groups & professions) across Maharashtra to share ideas/thoughts/experiences and derive easier/better approaches/techniques/methodologies towards the cause of Fort Conservation. The past three workshops have established a strong foundation of information on critical topics such as ASI’s perspective on Fort Conservation and the role of Base Villages in the conservation of the Forts.

Its now time to put all this information into ACTION …

The 4th Fort Conservation Workshop will be a complete Hands-On Workshop with a real-time demonstration of useful techniques in Fort Conservation, such as:

1) Various ways of preparing & applying natural mortar (used for construction/repairs of structures on the fort) using the raw-materials that are easily available in the vicinity of the respective Fort. Information on different types of natural mortars & how safely they can be used in conservation of heritage structures such that it does not in any manner, destroy any original structures & vital historical evidences

2) Procedure of cleaning/restoring the Water Tanks (or any other types Water Reservoirs) atop a Fort after a methodical scrutiny to ensure that any original fountains/canals/sophisticated flow systems that may exist inside the reservoirs are not destroyed in the cleaning process

3) Techniques for hoisting heavy materials atop structures, without digging/damaging the structure or around it.

4) Techniques for cutting unwanted vegetation growing on the Fort Structures & preventing further growths that cause damage to the Structures

5) Temple preservation methods, cleaning of murties (idols)

6) Documentation & preservation of Historical Records & Photographs (maps, drawings, etc)

Venue: Vasai Fort, Dist. Thane

Date & Time: 18th May 2008 (Sunday). 9am-5pm

1) A token registration fee (approx Rs. 150/-) per head will be charged to cover for the expenses for lunch, tea, & other arrangements

2) To help us make necessary arrangements for organising the event well, you are requested to inform us of your participation before 10th May 2008, by sending an email to Shridatta.Raut@airtel.in with the following details or calling any of the contact persons mentioned below:

Name/address of your group:

Names & Contact Nos of the representatives who would be attending the workshop (preferably not more than 2 reps from each group):

Email ids of the reps & the group:

Brief info on any Fort Conservation activities you do:

If you also happen to know any useful techniques & would like to demonstrate the same to everyone, then do let us know.

Best Regards,

Organising Team, 4th Fort Conservation Workshop

Shridatta Raut (9819799947) (Kille Vasai Mohim)

Vivek Otari (9821787433) (Kille Vasai Mohim)

Prasad Nikte (9820183101)

Deepa Kolwalkar (9869624075)

Suhas Joshi (9833068140)

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