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Ahmednagar Fort

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Built By: Husain Nizam Shah

Built In: 1559 AD

Ahmednagar Fort is one of the best designed forts in the entire state of Maharashtra. At the same time, it is also counted amongst the impregnable forts of India. The fort is situated in the Ahmednagar district and dates back to the year 1559, when it was built under the patronage of Husain Nizam Shah. Ahmednagar Fort stands surrounded by cantonment on all the sides and lies in the eastern part of the Ahmednagar city. Today, the fort forms one of the popular attractions of the region.

Ahmednagar Fort is presently under the control of the military command of India. It has been the victim of invasion by the Mughal army in the year 1596. However, the fight put up by the Chandbibi forced them to beat a retreat after four months. The second attack by the Mughal army, led by Akbar in 1600, resulted in the annexation of the fort. It was only in the year 1759 that the Mughals lost the control of the Ahmednagar Fort, when they sold it to Sadashiv Bhau, the cousin of the third Peshwa.

Daulatrao Shinde gained control over the fort in 1797 and ultimately lost it to General Welleslay in August, 1803. Ultimately, the Treaty of Pune was signed in June 1817 and the rule of fort was handed to Bajirav Peshwa II. The history of Ahmednagar Fort tells us that it has been used as a royal prison a number of times. Amongst the glorious moments of the fort was the time when the entire Congress Working Committee was detained here during the Quit India Movement of 1942.

Interestingly, all the top leaders were imprisoned together on August 10, 1942 and with the exception of who were released on October 6, 1944, and May 20, 1944, respectively, all the others were only let off in 1945.

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