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Government Policies and fort conservation

Saturday, August 29th, 2009 | mumbaihikers | Uncategorized
School education curriculum does not sufficiently educate on History of Forts & Sahydris beyond 4th Std – appeal to Govt. Education Dept to include elaborate History of Forts & Sahyadris in school curriculums beyond 4th Std & also introduce specialisation subjects in College
No basic facilities (electricity, phones, medical facilities, transport) – help & guide village sarpanch to make applications to Electricity Boards for electricity & MTNL/Tata/Reliance to set up phone lines, State Transport for buses, Health Dept for medical facilties for the village
– make use of RTI (Right to Information Act) to followup on status of such applications
lack of water during non-monsoon seasons – apply to Govt authorities to make water provisions for village (wells, bore-wells)
conflict between govt agencies – use RTI
– report to media
providing opportunities to villagers during non agricultural season/off season – inform villages about any Govt schemes for rural areas on taking bank loans for setting up village industries (tailor shop, telephone booth, computer printing etc)
shift of responsibility by Govt. authorities – appropriate use of the RTI act that can hold actual authorities accountable
some areas ignored/neglected by authorities – make written application to authorities informing about the same
– use media to publish this negligence
fear of legal action – secretely report corruption : Call on 022-24921212 or 24922618. Also visit www.acbmaharashtra.org
westernization – Durg Vikas to monitor any ill-effects of westernisation that could harm the Forts, the environment & the culture & followup with Govt authorities to control westernisation
absence of well-defined mechanisms/processes – use the power of RTI
– use media to expose such deficiencies in Govt processes/mechanisms
lack of economic organizationdirect/redirect dovt policies to villagers
local political people not allowing people to do conservation work – tactfully have open talks in public that would expose the political gimmicks & also make the political people fear the power of common
– use media to expose the political influence
– leverage the power of RTI act to counter any unethical political interference that comes in the way of upliftment of the village
no trust on law and order – use the power of RTI
– use media to report any unjust behaviour of police
corruption – report corruption : Call on 022-24921212 or 24922618. Also visit www.acbmaharashtra.org
– make use of RTI to expose corrupt authorities. Seek guidance from RTI promotion cell (Shri Shailesh Gandhi) for Citizens if reqd

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