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Problems and solutions in fort conservation

Saturday, August 29th, 2009 | mumbaihikers | Uncategorized
no schools, colleges in the vicinity. Village children hv to walk for miles to continue eduction – ensure proper running of the existing school
– start a library
– start a school
– provide career guidance & help them take up jobs or enterprenuerships
Seasons/durations, some forts are inaccessible during monsoon – make safety provisions such as tying a rope, chain to make it easy to access during monsoon, wihtout causing destruction to the fort or the mountain
Prone to drought or flood conditions – identify the root causes that hv caused a long term effect in nature
– educate the villagers about these & advise on the necessary steps they need to take to prevent these in long run
– take alternative steps to help villages rehabilitate/protect themselves when these conditions occur
Lack of Tourist potential – do a detailed study of the place & find out how to generate tourist potential (beauty of nature, history of the place, specific flora/fauna, culture of the people, geographical features of the area or any religious significance)
– conduct frequent treks/trips of your groups to this place & publish photos & articles to attract more people to visit these places
Soil Quality. Not good for agriculturedo plantation of proper fruit/wood trees/flowering plants/vegetables that suit the soil and help the people
external causes/garbage damage – do garbage collection
– take villagers along with you while doing garbage collection
– ask the villagers to dispose/burn disposable garbage
– explain villagers about hazards of plastic
– tell them about immediate impact it can have like the livestock (cattle) dying due to consumption of plastic
Negligence towards specific areas – Use this Analysis worksheet as a checklist to identify whether all points hv been covered
enchroachment. Lack of interest by encroached people – inform govt. authorities about illegal encroachments
– use slideshows to motivate the encroached people in conserving the heritage of the place for their own good
Over urbanized – conduct slideshows, street plays, films in villages that depict the hazards of over-urbanisation
– speak to village sarpanch & help the village take measures against over-urbanization
depleting flora, fauna (villagers hunt animals for food & cut trees for wood) – provide alternate means of food. Encourage cutlivation of vegetables that are suitable for the soil
– explain the hazards of environment imbalance

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