Sumargad Fort

Sumargad Fort (Khed T.), on the same spur of hill as Mahipatgad a good deal lower and about four miles to the south of it is about three-quarters of an acre in area.1 Surrounded by walls from fifteen to twenty-two feet high,2 and with form corner battlements, the fort has a difficult access.
The fort, built of black stone, is still in a good condition. There are 16 guns in the fort. Inside .the fort wall is a tank on an elevated land. There are no inhabitants in the fort. Two miles away from the fort on the western side there is a place,
paga, where horses were kept. The way from the fort to the piigii is built with stone steps. There are two temples on the fort, one of the god Bahiri and the other of god Shiv. From the top of the fort can be viewed the river Vaghnadi and the villages Mandve Vadi, Jaitapur, Devghar and Ainavali and the fort Rasalgad.

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