Techniques/Equipment/Methodologies and fort conservation

communication facilitiesget in touch with NGO if this is possible
check the presence and working of post office. Use postal service to communicate if this is possible
no basic facilities – implement alternative technqiues like Solar energy (solar cooker, vermi-composting, biogas, water canals etc)
lack of water facilties during non-monsoon seasons – implement the “Swades” concept to build reservoirs atop hills to gather rainwater during monsoons & simple pumps to provide water for irrigation during non-monsoon seasons
– rainwater harvesting techniques that can be applied to store water on terraces atop all houses
– use techniques told by Yadav kaka to find out underground water sources & dig wells, bore-wells
In Accessilbility (transport facilities) – encourage enterprising villagers to procure publc transport vehicles like autorickshaws, vikrams (9-seaters) etc using bank loans

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