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DURG VIKAS – the umbrella body representing various groups for the cause of Fort Conservation

Aim & Objectives
Comprises of key representatives from various groups, organisations, independent bodies that strive for the cause of Fort Conservation
To track the information/data (history, location, routes, architecture, tradition/culture, flora/fauna, waterways, hydrology, forests, topology,local people, religious significance being collected by various groups on various forts & its surroundings and make it available to anyone seeking it.
To strive for maintenance, restoration of the Forts
To represent the Fort-lovers community in any Government-involving initiatives for the cause of Fort Conservation and to monitor the Government’s actions closely
To be the single common point of contact for the Fort-lovers community for the rest of the world
To guide & provide advise to various groups on legal aspects or help resolve any political hurdles

Current Initiatives

Creating a network of various groups to locally carry out fort preservation activities
Each base village at each fort to have a clean room with basic amenities like clean toilet, drinking water
The room to be maintained by a local person who will charge a nominal fee for his services including the provision of a small priced booklet giving all possible information about the fort
A local guide (who would be trained) with atleast basic knowledge of the fort’s history will be available for a reasonable fee
Act as a mediator b/w local NGO carrying out actual conservation work & the govt
Raise funds for initial pilot models of forts, establishing infrastructure like room, guide-training
Pilot survey along with govt. officials & NGOs. Eg. At Prabalgad, Lohagad, Karnala etc 1857/1907 Flag Hoisting Treks to 300+ forts on

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