VRangers Trek to shivneri-hadsar-chavand on 2nd – 4 oct 2009

Trerk :- Shivneri-Hadsar-Chavand
Date:- 2ngt to 4th Oct 09
Type :- Hill Fort
Height :- 3500 ft , 3300 ft & 3490ft (above sea level) resp.
Grade :- Medium for all.
Base village :- Junnar, Pethechi vadi, Chavand resp.
Cost:-600 Rs/-
History :-
* Shivneri Fort, a birth place of Chhatrapati Shivaji (1627), is located at a distance of around 3 km from Junnar (125 km from Pune). Shahaji, father of Shivaji kept his wife Jijabai in this fort during her pregnancy, as the fort was unique and difficult to reach. It is easier to reach the fort by the normal road than to climb from the hills. One has to get through 7 doors before reaching the actual fort. This fort is a very big structure with a very good height. The old and beautiful ‘Devi Shivai’ temple is on the way. Shivaji was taken from the name of this goddess. Shivaji spent his childhood on this fort.
He acquired all the skills and training on this fort which he used while establishing Swaraj. He learnt the early lessons of Swaraj on this fort. Kaman Take, Kadelot Tok, Koli Chouthara and Dongarmatha (the top of the fort) are the other attractions near the fort.

*Hadsar Fort rises on a steep hill near the Nana pass valley eight miles north-west of Junnar and sixty miles north of Pune. The fort lies within the limits of Hadsar village at the foot of the fort. From Junnar the road to the hill lies along the valley of the Kukdi between two ranges of high hills.Fort Hadsar, also known as Parvatgad, was constructed in the Satvaahan era and was quite inhabited during that period. It is located on the outskirts of Nagar (Ahmednagar) in order to protect the trade route passing through Naneghat. Documentary evidence shows that fort Hadsar was included in the treaty made by Shahaji Raje with the Mughals in 1637. In 1818 the British forces conquered Junnar and the forts in the region.

*Chavand Fort, Medieval period Malik Ahmed founded the Nizam Dynasty in 1485. He was the first Nizamshah who acquired the fort of Chavand after the dissolution of the Bahmani Empire.The seventh Nizamshah was Second Burhanshah. His grandson Bahadurshah was imprisoned here in 1594. Bahadurshah was the nephew of Chandbibi, a renowned personality from the same period. She played an important role in helping him to achieve the throne. In 1636 Shahajiraje, father of Shivaji Maharaj, signed a treaty with the Moghals, in which the Moghals got Chavand.
Shivaji Maharaj named the fort as “Prasannagad”.
The fort Chavand is famous for its 7 water tanks. These tanks are aligned to each other. The names of these tanks are:
1. Brahmi,
2. Maheshwari,
3. Kaumari,
4. Vaishanvi,
5. Varahi,
6. Indyayani,
7. Chamunda .
On the North side of the fort, we can see man-made caves. It is said that a secret passage exists here which opens outside of the fort. This was believed to be a secret escape door. Towards the south side of the fort, we can see beautiful view of Kukadi river.Man-made caves & Temple of Goddess Chamunda other attraction of this Fort.

Trek schedule :-
Meeting Point:-On 2nd Oct 9.30 PM At Kurla Nehtu Nagar S.T. Stand.
we will reach Junnar by 3 AM on 3rd oct.
will take rest on junnar station till 6 AM.
we will start trek to shivneri by 6.30 AM and will back to junnar station by 10 AM.
then we will proceed to Hadsar fort,will have Ngt halt at Pethechi Vadi base village of Hadsar.
On 4th oct we will explore Chavand Fort and will back on same day by 8 pm to Kalyan station.

Trek Pics :-
( Best Achivement of My life) .

Here is a list of all the things that we need to carry for the trek:

1. A haversack to put in all the things to be carried. So that one has
hands free while trekking.

2. A bottle of water (3 Ltrs).

3. Lunch for 3rd Oct.(like Theple,Bread-Jam etc)

4. Camera (Optional), Avoid wearing Gold and other jewelry (at own risk)

5. Electoral / Enerzyl powder, 2 Lemon, some snacks & biscuits, Plate,spoon,glass (compulsory).

6. Torch with extra batteries, Matchbox, Candles, Old Newspapers(compulsory).

7. Personal medicines & 2 plastic bags for weight distribution, Mosquito’s cream.

8. A good trekking shoes, wind cheater, Bedding(sleeping mat and shawl) and Extra clothes,towel.

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Ananda 98922 19155 .
Sudhir 98212 18771.

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