kshana touching the hearts and souls through entertainment

Events are the lifeline of Kshana. We put in a lot of efforts to make our every event very special. As mentioned earlier we go to old age homes, spastic societies and orphanages to name a few and plan an event with a social theme. We normally visit these places in advance to figure out the theme and the types of events that we could do which would gel with the place, people and the situation. We arrange for skits, dance performances, orchestra, games, magic shows and much more for our events.

  • Children
  1. Childline
  2. Rachna
  3. B.J home
  • Senior citizens
  1. St. Catherine’s Home
  2. St. Anthony’s Home
  • Disabled
  1. Ackworth Leprosy Home
  2. Ashadaan- Mother Teresa’s Home

Email: kshana.mumbai@gmail.com
Roshni Dadabhoy: 98207-50480
We request you to make all phone calls only after 7 p.m. during weekdays.


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